How to attract new YouTubers to your videos?
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How to attract new YouTubers to your videos?

If you have a YouTube channel that you want to increase visibility, there are different solutions you can take advantage of. One of these is the purchase of YouTube views. Even though it is the subject of much criticism from people who attribute it to a supposed illegality, the practice is still reliable and has many advantages. There are also other techniques through which you can attract new YouTubers.

Why buy YouTube views?

There may be different reasons for purchasing views for give your YouTube channel a boost.

A successful practice

Like Instagram, YouTube is a very competitive social network. Nearly 300 hours of video content are uploaded there every minute. Under these conditions, it is difficult to find a place for yourself, unless you adopt a solution that could help you get your head above water. In this case, you can gain popularity by buying YouTube views, which will allow you toattract new subscribers to your channel and your videos.

Buying YouTube views is a reliable and efficient way to set yourself apart. On YouTube, videos that get a high number of views consistently attract other visitors. Thus, thanks to this technique, your videos can generate the number of views of your choice. A video that has for example 10.000 views after it is published will certainly arouse the curiosity of other platform users # 1 in videos.

With the purchase of views, your videos will be suggested to a new audience, which will grow as YouTubers view their content. For you, this is a real boost thanks to which you can get out of the game, on a social network where competition is tough.

How to attract new YouTubers to your videos?
How to attract new YouTubers to your videos?

Buying views to get your videos up in search results

When YouTubers initiate a request in the YouTube search bar, the platform takes into account many methods to classify the videos as a result of this search. YouTube's algorithm fundamentally relies on the accuracy and relevance of the results offered. However, the latter are influenced by the number of views on each video and its viewing time at the same time.

As you will have probably understood, the time during which your YouTube videos are viewed also matters. YouTube's algorithm particularly relies on the time-to-watch metric. For him, if the view rate of your video is high, it will always mean that the proposed content is interesting, convincing and generating interest. As a result, YouTube votes your video to the rank of the best according to the user's request.

Buying views allows you to meet these conditions and meet the view time metric. You will be able to hope for an interesting ranking, as long as the user's research relates to your niche or to a topic that is addressed there.

A legal practice

Many people question the legality of the practice of buying YouTube views. Yet as buying likes on YouTube, it is a completely legal technique. The principle of buying YouTube views is simple. Also, for YouTube, as long as the views you purchase are generated by real users and are not bots and fake accounts, you are not breaking any laws.

If so, the factor that should be of more concern to you is the reliability of the YouTube views you purchase, or at least the reliability of your purchasing source. Hence the need tobuy real views from serious providers, which offer real views and fully functional services. Your view provider is the very key to the success of this practice.

Other reasons no less relevant

Apart from these reasons which we have just developed, there are others which more than justify buying YouTube views for give visibility to your channel. In fact, buying YouTube views allows you to:

  • increase social proof: in this case, this is the inclination of some YouTube users to view your video because others before them have done so,
  • get views organically: because your videos are at the top of requests, they are suggested more to a large and well-targeted audience,
  • create organic engagement that will make you a niche authority.

Visibility of your YouTube channel: is buying views enough?

While the effectiveness of buying YouTube views is real, there's more to it. In fact, other parameters come into play and impact the success of buying views. We are thinking in particular of the visual quality of your videos. Like Instagram with photos, YouTube pays special attention to the quality of the videos. There is no point in attracting YouTubers to your channel and then offering them videos of poor visual quality.

How to attract new YouTubers to your videos?
How to attract new YouTubers to your videos?

It is therefore just as important to ensure the quality of your videos, which also boosts your views on this social network. A qualitative and interesting video is more likely to be shared than one that ignores these factors. You will therefore benefit from this virality to further refine your notoriety. So what can you do to improve the quality of your video posts?

You simply have to avoid blurry videos, with poor framing and shot in a dimly lit environment, with poor background sound, moreover. Therefore, favor natural light sources to record your videos. Likewise, choose your stage plan carefully to allow for good framing. To record your video, choose an echo-free room and adopt a microphone to perfect the sound quality of your video. To these techniques, we suggest you combine others such as:

  • regular interactions with your subscribers,
  • the incentive to subscribe to your channel,
  • announcing the content of your next video at the end of the last one you upload,
  • the publication of your videos on other social networks,
  • the development of popular topics.

With these few tips, you are putting the odds in your favor for become a YouTuber recognized in his niche.

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