With Google Ads you can immediately be very well positioned on search engines and generate business opportunities.

Only creating and managing an Ads campaign requires a lot of time and know-how.

Let us manage your Ads campaign and get the best possible return on investment!

Ads campaign management: our rates

The amount of the service is calculated according to the monthly budget allocated to the Ads campaign and works by tranche, as presented in the table below.

NB: In the case of an e-commerce site and depending on your activity, we can think together about performance pricing: a lower fixed remuneration, added to a variable indexed on the sales generated via Google Ads.

Monthly budget for your Ads campaignOur remuneration (from)
From 500 € to 3000 €20%
From 3001 € to 5000 €15%
From 5001 € to 10000 €10%
> to €109%

Example of pricing: => If the monthly budget of the Google Ads campaign is 3200€. => The amount of the service will be: (2000 x 20%)+(1200 x 12%) or €544 excl. tax/month.  

Ads campaign management: why call on an approved specialist?

Google Ads is a simple tool to use at first glance. But managing an Ads campaign is complex if you want to get the most out of it: multiple targeting criteria (networks, geographies, devices, etc.), management of indicators, choice of keywords, types of queries (broad, exact, to exclude …).

You probably have a limited amount of time to learn how to use the tool and manage the Ads campaign yourself. If you call on an approved Ads professional, you can save time and above all maximize your return on investment.

We are certified Google Ads professionals. Know that to obtain our Ads certification, we spent time training and managing Google Ads campaigns. Our experience can therefore be an asset for you and your Ads campaign. Indeed, as specialists, we can help you generate new leads, develop your activities and above all optimize your advertising budget.

Ads campaign management: our methodology

In order to obtain the best possible results, we follow a strict methodology to optimize the Ads campaign as much as possible. For this, we :

  • We define with you your objectives and your level of return on investment.
  • Let's define relevant keywords based on your industry, products and budget.
  • Let's create your advertising campaigns.
  • Let's set up the necessary targeting to reach your customers directly.
  • Let's write your advertisements.
  • Let’s optimize daily: keywords, campaigns, groups, text ads, targets…
  • Let's monitor your Ads campaigns.
  • Let's measure and analyze results.
  • Send a monthly report of your Ads campaign.
  • Let's make strategic recommendations.