The content of a website has a double interest: to optimize the natural reference and build customer loyalty by providing them with quality information on a regular basis.

Interest of web content and SEO natural referencing

La SEO writing is, for a website, the central element to generate traffic. Here are the main reasons.

Web content: pillar of natural referencing

Quantity of quality content

Search engines highlight sites providing a real answer to the request made by the Internet user. This answer can only be provided by unique, quality and informative content. Even in the case of e-commerce, the better a product is described, the better the chance the site has of responding to the Internet user's request.

We can therefore see the interest for a site to provide as much information as possible to the Internet user:

  • The site will be more likely to enjoy a good positioning by meeting the requirements of search engines.
  • But there will also be more chances that the Internet user will act in a positive way: purchase, subscription to a newsletter...

In addition to the quality of the content, search engines take into account the volume of content on a site. The principle being that the more content a site offers, the more an Internet user will be able to find an answer to his request.

Editorial content: pay attention to structure

The quantity and quality of WEB content is therefore an essential element for natural referencing, but this content must still be well structured. Well-structured web content meets certain requirements:

  • One theme per page.
  • A unique title per page.
  • Titles and subtitles.
  • The highlighting of keywords in the content of the page.

Without this structure, search engines will not be able to properly "read" the content and therefore give it the SEO positioning that he deserves.

SEO content: the long tail effect

In SEO, the long tail refers to multiple keywords that each bring low traffic. Taken separately, these long-tail requests represent almost zero visitor numbers. But by grouping them, they can represent a very strong traffic, even the major part of the traffic of a site.

How to optimize your chances of generating these visits via the long tail? By multiplying the pages of content, by dealing with many subjects.

The more subjects a site deals with (obviously related to its activity) the more it will be likely to generate many visits through the long tail.

For example, to develop this long-tail phenomenon, an e-commerce site that sells computer equipment can offer the following additional content:

  • Test benches between different products it offers.
  • Articles on the novelties of the market.
  • Explanations on the different technologies.
  • A guide on how to choose a product adapted to your needs.
  • Information sheets on its suppliers.

Thus, in addition to maximizing its chances of appearing in a good position in the search engines via the long tail, the site provides real information to the Internet user. This content therefore has a double interest:

  • Generate visits.
  • Trigger the act of purchase by giving credibility to your offer.

Web content and off-site SEO optimization

Quality editorial content and linkbaiting

Linkbaiting is a concept of natural referencing which consists of making webmasters want to make links to the content of a site, because it is worthy of interest.

One of the most important criteria for search engines in the positioning of a site and its popularity. This popularity is measured by the number of links that are made by other sites to yours. So by making content in quantity and especially quality, you have a good chance that this content will be cited and therefore create links to your site, which will promote your natural referencing.

Web content and Google News

You deal with the news of your sector of activity, you have a blog that is updated frequently, etc. ? Enhance your WEB content and reference your site in Google News. Google news is a very interesting source of traffic which is only possible if you have rich and informative web content.

Interest in web content and user loyalty

Your WEB content is the best way to retain your Internet users for two main reasons.

If you have rich and informative content, as soon as an Internet user needs information on your sector, he will consult your site: become the main source of information for your profession!

If you regularly update your content, Internet users will also come to consult it regularly to enrich their knowledge.

Most Internet users surf the Internet to find information. Give this information and become essential!

Set up an editorial policy and retain your audience. Many avenues are possible, regardless of your sector of activity:

  • Pedagogical sheets.
  • Thematic files.
  • Product testing.
  • Market analyses.
  • Interviews.

Feel free to contact us and let's think together about an editorial policy adapted to your sector of activity: develop your traffic and retain your audience!