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Optimized web writing SEO : Tremplin Numérique is expert

Your internet content deserves the best advice. Only eye-catching pages that are compatible with Google's standards have a chance on the web.

Tremplin Numérique gets a better impact on Internet users and in Google thanks to its recognized method. When content becomes more efficient, traffic and time spent online increase dramatically.

This approach guarantees to effectively and durably reach its target and, therefore, to enhance its investments. And to stand out from the competition that is just a click away!

To achieve this, Tremplin Numérique helps you answer all these questions:

  • How to produce texts that are at the same time readable, attractive and well referenced by Google?
  • What are the basic rules to base their writing on?
  • Following the message, what are the most effective types of editorial content?
  • What are the new measurable reading behaviors generated by the web?
  • How to retain visitors and get them to exploit all the richness of the content?
  • How to best exploit the specificities of the Web?
  • What are the elements necessary to define its own editorial policy and charter?

For Google, the well written web content is king. Here are the 5 points of our “content guarantee”:

  • Optimized for Google by editorial and SEO specialists, after a detailed initial study.
  • Delivered to your back office (CMS).
  • Without any spelling mistakes.
  • Calibrated for your templates.
  • Comply with the regulations of your sector and your editorial line.

Quality content, integrated into your site

Our editors are journalist trained. They help your employees to focus on their core business and write for them. Trained by you to contribute in your CMS, they deliver your online content to you.

You just have to click on "validate" to publish them!

Place 1st on Google: our writing method

HTML structure

Checking and possible correction of Google compatibility. Missing HTML tags are enabled.

Choice of keywords

The most relevant keywords to come first are selected. The keywords that generate the most traffic and are the most suited to your target are identified.

Updating takeable Google positions

The keywords to rank 1st in Google are chosen from quantitative criteria.

Rewriting HTML tags

The entire site or one page is rewritten. The title, description, h1, h2 tags and the texts (anchors) of the links are optimized. The Keyword Density Index (MDI) is increasing. The site reaches the top positions in Google.

This method has enabled many customers to Tremplin Numérique to reach position N ° 1, on the first page, for generic keywords. Examples on request.

Establishment of an editorial charter

This reference document is essential to guarantee an optimal level of quality over time.

It is particularly essential in all new situations such as:

  • Intervention of new internal contributors.
  • Unexpected absences of site managers.
  • Crisis communication (incidents, takeover bid, merger, etc.).
  • Delegation of writing / design to agencies or freelancers.

Tremplin Numérique formalize all its aspects for you and in particular:

  • The editorial tree.
  • Sectioning (names of sections, content, etc.).
  • The different types of subjects desired.
  • The rules of writing, terminology, iconography.
  • The processes and nature of information updates.

Do not wait any longer because tomorrow it all begins