Le SEO referencing is a strategy that allows a good positioning of its site in the search engine results. When you work on the natural referencing of your traditional site, obviously the mobile version benefits from this work. But to stand out even more from the competition and be very well positioned in the search engines, you have to take into account certain specificities to properly reference your mobile site.

The commonalities between natural referencing for traditional websites and mobile sites

The principle of SEO for traditional and mobile sites is the same: quality content, good technical architecture and a popular site. To obtain these results, the same techniques will therefore be implemented: a good keyword strategy, optimization of the structure and content of the site, the implementation of netlinking campaigns… You can find all the techniques via this link: natural referencing optimization criteria.

Only if the same techniques are used, they can be used in different ways to meet the specificities of the mobile medium.

The specificities of natural referencing for mobile sites

The particularities of the natural referencing of mobile sites are mainly due to the singularities of research on mobile browsers and smaller screen sizes than on a computer.

The specificities of SEO for mobile sites due to the search mode:

  • Work on the positioning of the site on short expressions, because mobile users carry out their research with shorter expressions than on the computer (the long tail effect and less present on mobile).
  • Take into account predictive research (like google suggest) widely used on mobile.
  • Predictive research.

The specificities of SEO for mobile sites due to screen sizes:

  • Adapt title sizes.
  • Adapt url sizes.
  • Adapt the size and structure of the texts.

The technical specificities of SEO for mobile sites:

  • Use mobile-friendly markup language.
  • Install a meta.txt file and robots.txt for mobiles.
  • Integrate a mobile sitemap.
  • Submit the site to mobile-specific directories.