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Tremplin Numérique is a web agency that adapts to all your projects: digital communication, website creation, online advertising, SEO referencing, design ... our team makes all your wildest (digital) dreams come true!

Since 2015, following the pooling of the know-how of two childhood friends, Nicolas and Romain, Tremplin Numérique supports its clients through all the new challenges of the digital world.

Based in Paris, the majority of our clients are located in France, but we also work with clients in several French-speaking countries as well as internationally.

The diversity of our clients' profiles has allowed us to obtain the highest quality that a web agency can have: adaptation. Whatever your project, we have a solution for you.

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Tailor-made achievements

Each project being different, we devote the necessary time to the success of each one's objectives. We do not have a packaged offer but we only talk about the real and necessary time that your project requires.

All of our team members have basic development training, but also one or more specific skills in parallel: programming, server administration, web design, SEO referencing, marketing, social media, etc.





Simplicity at the service of excellence

Today, thousands of companies want to improve their presence on the internet, because the web has become an essential ecosystem to develop its activity. But not everyone knows how to go about it.

A company that wants to put a website online is faced with a wide range of offers, very different from each other: prices, ready-made solutions, various services, etc. A multitude of elements that make it even more difficult to understand the world of the internet.

In addition, this constantly changing universe can seem quite complex for a neophyte. Not to mention the business terms used by "professionals" in the sector.

At Tremplin Numérique, we want to support all professionals or project leaders through their digital adventure, whatever their level, whatever the project, because we believe that the internet world is far too precious to be reserved for an elite.

Do you have a question or a project? Contact us and we will study together the existing solutions to allow you to meet your objectives.

A team of specialists

At Tremplin Numérique, we firmly believe that the success of a digital project depends in large part on the cohesion of a team. This is why each of us has a very specific role with specific skills.

All our members strive to do everything in their power to have a relationship of trust with each of our partners to work together over time and not on a one-shot basis.

Diverse and varied expertise

From our past experiences, it is obvious that we structure ourselves in a small team, each member of which offers a different qualification and expertise in order to best advise our customers for the realization of their project.

Our services

Our engagements

It is in order to help you choose your service provider with complete peace of mind that we are committed to listening to your needs and responding to them with our advice, we are also committed to carrying out your project in compliance with standards. web (W3C) and to impose deadlines on the delivery of the project.

We do not offer any offer with a time commitment on your part. You are free to terminate our collaboration at any time.

Depending on the type of project, we can give you guaranteed results: you will be satisfied or reimbursed.

Websites & digital solutions

Website creation and tailor-made business web solutions. Optimized On Site SEO and responsive, simple or sophisticated ...

SEO natural referencing

Natural reference. Positioning on search engines (rank 1st on Google). Optimizations On Site, Off Site, netlinking ...


Managing your e-reputation : customer reviews, image on the web and on social networks, brand image, multi-channel monitoring, legal procedures, etc.

Community management

Social media management, content creation, creation and animation of a community, recruitment of influencers and ambassadors ...

SEA paid referencing

Google Ads, Bing, Facebook Ads, etc. Creation / management of advertising campaigns. Leads, branding, shopping ...

Other needs?

Our agency offers you beyond web design, SEO and communication, a wide range of services:

  • Web marketing
  • Newsletter
  • Enviromental compliance audit
  • Maintenance
  • Web Writing
  • Training : web, design, Debian…

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The digital revolution is a train that doesn't stop, we are the ones helping new passengers get on board.

Nicolas G.

CEO - Tremplin Numérique

They talk about us !

Our services are best spoken by our customers.

I have worked twice with Tremplin Numérique, and I put the table back for a third collaboration. Always attentive to our requirements, Nicolas was able to guide and advise us throughout our various projects. He has turned into a true partner over the years. Thank you very much Nicolas for the work already done and see you soon for the future. I personally recommend their services!
Mehdi Mercadet
Sales manager
Very efficient and very responsive team in response to all of our needs. SEO has brought results quite quickly and in a better way than expected.
We highly recommend the agency Tremplin Numérique for website creation and its expertise in natural and paid referencing.
Lucie Gauthier
Communication manager
Project to redesign our showcase website as well as the creation of an ecommerce platform in 3 languages. We also wanted to have a good SEO optimization and a sharp work on the loading speed of the ecommerce site. Tremplin Numérique Accompanied us expertly in defining our needs and managing the project from A to Z. The launch of the new site went smoothly and enabled us to increase our client portfolio thanks to a acquisition paid via Adwords.
Marcel roger

Our Achievements

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Our clients

Whether for temporary missions or for long-term strategies, they trust us:

Digital marketing: what is it?

Over the past twenty years, the place of digital marketing has exploded within companies. It has become an essential performance lever. A tool that is inseparable from the many business strategies of our 2.0 era.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing includes all marketing practices used on digital media and channels. Also called " email marketing "Or" digital marketing », it is referenced, from near and far, to all the actions mobilized by companies on the web.

At a time when digitalization has become an essential means of communication, companies call on specialists in the field to take care of their image and their e-reputation. Digital marketing thus designates all the actions whose primary objective is to promote a company, attract new customers via different digital media such as websites, social media, etc.

The objectives of Digital Marketing

There are several reasons to use a digital marketing strategy. First, to increase traffic to your site.

The observation is quite simple, if you want to have a customer portfolio that is growing day after day, it would be wise to natively attract a greater number of potential customers to your site. You will be able to increase your turnover. Yes, it seems obvious, but it still needs to be clarified.

The increase in traffic will facilitate the conversion and transformation rate through your merchant site or your showcase site. Also, this strategy will allow you to improve your customer relationship by introducing new commercial links.

By facilitating exchanges and playing the transparency card, you increase your chances of retaining your customers. Who says loyalty, says more important data collection. You will therefore know your audience better and this will allow you to adjust accordingly. Everything is connected !

Scalable tools

90% of web users spend twice as much time online today as they did 10 years ago. This observation makes it possible to achieve a change in the consumption and communication patterns of the population.

This field being in constant evolution, you have to hang on to follow the trends and not miss the train. The tools implemented are very numerous and difficult to list as the digital evolution is rapid. You can find the web, social networks, SEO, SEA (Google Ads), emailing, blog articles… and many more in mobile marketing (mobile applications, geolocated notifications…).

In other words, technology is for the benefit of businesses and their visibility. Digital marketing uses all the levers to play elbows in a market that has become very competitive.

If we observe the Annual Digital Report de We are social et Hootsuite, we see that digital is no longer an option, but a mandatory strategy in 2022 if you are getting started and want to continue.

This report gives us the latest international data on digital, social networks and e-commerce for the year 2019. Here are some figures that should convince you:

  • For the month of January: there are more than 5 billion unique mobile users worldwide. This figure is increasing by 2% per year and is equivalent to 100 million users.
  • 4,39 billion is the number of Internet users. This figure is up 9% compared to the previous year.
  • Social networks have a number of users of 3,5 billion, or 10% more than for the year 2018.
  • Finally, 3,26 billion people use social networks through their mobile devices. A figure, too, in full growth. We recorded a 10% increase compared to the previous year.

That makes them potential customers!

To sum up, if you don't live in a cave and are getting into entrepreneurship, you're bound to need to manage all of these tools before you get into the pit. Whether you opt for a digital strategy based on inbound marketing or content marketing, all you need to remember is to surround yourself with the right people. Collaborating with digital marketing specialists is the best solution to survive in the market and generate leads.

Don't wait any longer to get started!