A quality natural referencing service is a binding cost.

Our desire is to provide you with a service that meets your expectations. In this sense and for the sake of transparency, here is our natural referencing methodology to provide you with the best results.

Natural referencing: our methodology

Analysis and audit

Any service in natural reference starts with a preliminary audit of the site. This study is decisive for establishing the referencing strategy, because it will reveal:

  • What are the blocking factors to a good natural referencing?
  • What are the strengths on which it is possible to rely?
  • Have there already been SEO actions that have been carried out?

Study of Competition

The analysis of the competition well positioned on the search engines, makes it possible to identify the main levers to be activated to reference the site.

This step in our methodology as well as the analysis of the preliminary site will make it possible to set up a coherent referencing strategy vis-à-vis the site, but also your sector of activity.

Study and definition of keywords

After analyzing the site and the competition, we will be able to determine the SEO keywords on which we will work to optimize your referencing in search engines.

This study makes it possible to avoid choosing expressions without or with a low traffic potential. It also avoids choosing only very competitive expressions, forgetting the others potentially more interesting in terms of targeting.

We will therefore decide, with you, the keywords to use to obtain the best possible ratio: SEO effort/targeted traffic intake.

Improving your site (on-page SEO)

The work on the on-page criteria consists in optimizing all the elements of your site so that it meets the requirements of the search engines:

  • Provide relevant and informative content.
  • Simplify navigation.
  • Have pages that load quickly.
  • Have a clean site architecture.

Improving the popularity of your site (off-page SEO)

The work on the off-page criteria consists in improving the popularity of your site by:

  • Listing it in targeted directories.
  • Publishing press releases.
  • Carrying out link exchanges contextual.
  • Strengthening its presence on social networks.

You can consult a more exhaustive list of on and off-page referencing criteria on the page dedicated to natural referencing optimization criteria.

Analysis and optimization

The analysis of the actions carried out is essential in our natural referencing methodology, to optimize the efforts made as much as possible. It is therefore necessary to continually:

  • track your positioning in search engines.
  • Optimize work on expressions (which ones transform best).
  • Re-optimize existing pages.
  • Refine the internal mesh.

Our SEO methodology? Results for your site!

  • Sustainable increase in your traffic.
  • Increase all your indicators.
  • Improving the quality of your content.
  • Increase in your number of contacts.
  • Increase in your transformations (sale, registration newsletter, reading articles…).
  • Better ROI on ad spend.

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