A mix of positioning and SEO is often done. These two notions, although complementary, designate two different concepts.


The positioning of a site is its place in the search results when a user enters a keyword.

For example, when an Internet user enters the keyword “holiday rental”, the positioning of interhome.fr is the first position in Google.

The positioning of a site in the search results is not the result of chance. Obviously, the engines work from algorithms which grant better positioning to the sites most in line with the Internet user's search. But, there is also a profession to allow a site to obtain a better positioning in the results: referencing.

Improve its positioning by optimizing its referencing.

SEO means two things:

  • Being present in the engine index in the same way that you can find a product among all the references distributed in a supermarket.
  • Only it is not enough to be present to be found by your audience, you have to be in the first positions of the search results: at the head of the gondola. Thus by extension we call referencing, the optimization of natural referencing which designates a set of actions carried out to optimize a website and thus improve its positioning. These actions are intended to improve the quality, relevance and popularity of the site. By improving these criteria, the site is more in line with the needs of the Internet user and the prerequisites of the engines, which will allow it to obtain a better positioning.