Natural referencing: why?

Increase traffic to your site and improve the quality of your audience.

Natural referencing: how?

By meeting the requirements of search engines: quality and relevant content on a popular site.

Natural referencing: principle

Natural referencing, also called SEO, refers to a set of techniques and know-how to improve the positioning of a site in search engine results.

Natural referencing makes it possible to meet the requirements of the engines: that the site be relevant in relation to the requests of Internet users and that it be popular.

A site that meets these requirements has a good chance of being well positioned in engine results and therefore of generating high quality traffic.

Natural referencing: SEO levers

Natural referencing is a discipline in its own right and there are many optimization levers.

The choice of keywords is the backbone of the natural referencing strategy. Then the SEO optimization levers can be divided into two large families:

On-Page SEO

They are the ones who will allow the engines to realize the adequacy of your content with the request of the Internet user: relevance.

For a site to be relevant, it must offer unique and quality content, but also be easily "readable" by search engines: clear menus, clear text structure, easy navigation, etc.

Off-Page SEO

In natural referencing, the Off-Page criteria allow the engines to determine the popularity of your site. Indeed, they will consider that the more your site is mentioned by other Internet users/sites, the more its content is likely to be interesting. The principle is therefore simple, you have to make sure that people talk about you!

To find out more, see our page dedicated to natural referencing criteria.

SEO is not an exact science

It is important to specify that natural referencing is not an exact science. It is based on the study of the complex algorithms of search engines. Algorithms in constant evolution and of which many parameters are secret.

Consequently, for any self-respecting SEO it is impossible to say that you can place your website (on very competitive keywords) in first position in the search results.

On the other hand, he must commit to the type and the minimum volume of the means implemented to improve your positioning and try to make you appear at the highest level in the results.

It is also necessary to specify that according to the site, the sector of activity, the competition… the SEO means implemented to reference your site can be different.

Natural referencing: work that takes place over time

Natural referencing, unlike the purchase of standard keywords Google Ads, takes time to be effective. It usually takes between 2 and 6 months to see the first results appear. On the other hand, the effects of natural referencing are long-lasting. Once a place is obtained, it will sustainably generate qualified traffic.

Referencing a site will require a lot of effort at first in order to achieve optimal positioning. Once the optimal place has been obtained, the natural referencing work will consist of maintaining this position. Also, great one-off efforts may be required to maintain this place in the event of a change in the algorithm of an engine or the aggressive arrival of a competitor. Hence the need for a referrer to be continuously on standby on its market and the technical evolutions of engine algorithms.