Paid referencing (SEA)

We often oppose natural search engine optimisation and paid referencing. These two types of referencing are essential in any E-Marketing strategy.

The objective of our consultants in paid referencing? Your return on investment!

  • An audit of your previous campaigns.
  • A/B testing strategy on several keywords.
  • Creation of landing pages optimized to convert.
  • Follow-up and improvement as the campaigns progress.

Paid referencing: definition

Le paid referencing is another term designating the purchase of sponsored links or the purchase of keywords.

Paid referencing, also called SEA referencing, is to create advertisements. These advertisements appear in the search engines (or in the network of partners) when an Internet user searches using keywords chosen by the advertiser.

If a user clicks on the ad, that click is charged. Obviously, beforehand, a maximum cost per click will have been defined in order to control the advertising budget.

The best known way to buy sponsored links is the Google paid search program: the program Google Ads.

Paid referencing: how to buy sponsored links?

As we have seen, the best known system for buying sponsored links is the Google paid referencing program, but the other search engines (Yahoo and Bing) also offer their advertising platform. Be aware that the most used system and in our opinion the most interesting in terms of distribution and settings remains the Google paid referencing system.
To become an advertiser you just have to register in one of the programs, which are accessible to everyone.
To set up a campaign to buy keywords, you can do it yourself or call on a service provider.

Benefits of SEA

  • Immediate positioning on the first page of search results.
  • Perfect control of the return on investment.
  • Very precise targeting of Internet users.

Disadvantages of SEA

  • If the campaign is poorly controlled, advertising expenses can be very high.
  • Unlike the natural search engine optimisation, once the campaigns have been stopped, the site no longer appears in the results pages.

SEO SEO provider

The first reason for which you could go through a service provider in order to carry out your paid referencing is quite simply that you do not have the time to take care of it.

The other advantage is that a SEO consultant competent will optimize your advertising campaigns as much as possible to guarantee you the best possible return on investment, because the tools for managing paid referencing are simple and complicated at the same time:

  • Simple because easy to handle at first.
  • Complicated if you want to get the maximum results.

Indeed, with the same advertising budget, the results can be very different in terms, for example, of: number of clicks, cost per click, targeting of Internet users, number of conversions (purchase, subscription to a newsletter…). To optimize all these criteria, an in-depth knowledge of the tool is necessary.

Finally, be aware that certifications exist to certify the level of competence of a service provider. In this sense, Google passes in-depth examinations to potential service providers and delivers the “Google Ads certification” to those who have a perfect command of the different aspects of the Google paid referencing tool. Our web agency Tremplin Numérique of course has this certification.

How to be successful with Google Ads?

Your web advertising needs

  • Obtain new customers?
  • Reduce your acquisition cost?
  • Communicate on a special offer?
  • Target a specific clientele?
  • Work on your image?

Your results

Each month, you can consult a complete and detailed report on the performance of your campaigns, as well as an adjusted strategic proposal.

You can therefore see your expenses in complete transparency: no hidden costs, no percentage taken from the ads.

The return on investment is calculated for you every month.

your goals

Whether the goal of the campaign is to increase sales or awareness, Google Ads allows you to rank first on the targeted keywords.

Launching your campaign with us means benefiting from many advantages:

A profitable campaign

Thanks to the so-called “cost per click” payment method set up by Google, as well as very advanced data analysis systems, it is easy to optimize your campaign as you go in order to be sure that this offers the best return on investment.

Optimal visibility

With a fairly limited space for dialogue, we will use our A / B testing strategy to find the best way to get attention from prospects.

Qualified traffic

To make sure that Internet users are genuinely interested in your offers, we will use the most appropriate keywords for your field of activity.

Google Ads Certified Agency

Certified by the Google Partners Premier label, our web agency supports you in the management of your Adwords campaigns.

Among sponsored link platforms, Google Ads is inevitable. That is why, Tremplin Numérique has been committed since 2017 to the Google Ads program to train and get certified.

Google Partners certification rewards agencies that have been able to meet Google's quality requirements.

By obtaining the qualification, our agency is now considered by Google "as a reliable partner" for the management of your Adwords campaigns and their optimizations.

Do not wait any longer because tomorrow it all begins