There are many offers of consultants natural search engine optimisation at very different prices and methods. So how do you tell a good SEO consultant from a bad one?

SEO consultant: stop automatic SEO!

Avoid the offer of a SEO consultant offering you automatic referencing. Today, search engine algorithms are intelligent and easily detect practices aimed at deceiving them by using fraudulent techniques. In this case not only will you not be more visible, but above all you risk being penalized and no longer appearing in the search results. This is called Google's SandBox effect: a measure intended to deal with attempts at abusive referencing (spamdexing) and other attempts to manipulate the Google index by unscrupulous referencing consultants.

So by thinking of saving money, by subscribing to an offer in automatic referencing, the result can be catastrophic: no one will find your site.

A good SEO consultant must create content

Today, a good SEO consultant must write quality content, something impossible to do automatically.

The user experience is now an essential criterion in the engine algorithm. Thus, a good SEO consultant will produce quality content, in quantity and put online regularly to feed search engines and satisfy Internet users. In the eyes of search engines, quality content is unique and informative content.

The same goes for link exchanges (Netlinking). Previously a simple link posted on any site on the web was enough. Today the SEO consultant must integrate this link into quality information, on a site related to your activity and with a well-chosen link.

A serious offer from a SEO consultant must at least include: a study of your market and field of activity, optimization of your existing site (code and texts), writing content for your site and exchanges of contextualized links (integrated into text and posted on sites relevant to your business).

You will therefore understand that a good SEO consultant cannot go through automatic SEO tools and practice SEO rates derisory. Indeed, it is necessary for the SEO consultant to think about the strategy to use, spend time producing content, search for quality partners….

Choose an adapted offer…

If you have a site only to “be present” on the Internet with few pages, standard natural referencing formulas may be suitable.

But if the visibility of the site is essential for the development of your activity, if you have a site with many pages, if you are in a competitive sector… favor a tailor-made offer adapted to your site and your sector of activity.

Indeed, even if standard offers can be very qualitative, a personalized offer will have a much better effect. If only because depending on the site, the sector of activity, the competition... the SEO consultant will study the best means to implement to optimize the positioning of your site in search results.

…for mass visitors, but above all quality

A good SEO consultant will allow you to increase your audience, but also will ensure that this audience is increasingly qualified.

What is the point of having a lot of visitors who leave your site as soon as they arrive or who do not buy anything?

A good SEO consultant will therefore make sure to increase your traffic, but also that visitors interact as you wish with your site, "that there is transformation": registration for a newsletter, request for documentation, purchase of product, reading of articles… And this requires an in-depth study of the activity and centers of interest of Internet users in order to find a balance between the two. Also, the SEO consultant will regularly study the results obtained to optimize the transformations again and again…

Beware of unscrupulous SEO consultants!

Some SEO consultants sometimes offer as natural referencing the purchase of keywords via tools such as Google Adwords. These referencing consultants thus take advantage of the credulity of certain customers, because within the framework of this type of program positioning guarantees can be given. Only natural referencing and the purchase of keywords are two different things that do not have the same objectives or the same impact for the positioning of your site in search engines.

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