Web training

Google ads training, SEO referencing, web marketing, etc.

Operational training

Digital training, webmarketing training in five lessons, becoming a webmaster or SEO, automation pro, Facebook Ads pro with a snap of your fingers ... tutorials are plethora of online and accessible as simple as their content ...

Consulting agency in web and digital strategy, integrated agency DTP Marketing and Design division, we develop results-oriented acquisition, transformation and loyalty solutions for the benefit of SMEs, Communities and Key Accounts.

This is why our training offer does not include false promises such as "how to create content that ranks on page 1 in 2022" but rather how to position your site well, administer its content, use Google Analytics ...

Our practice of commercial efficiency in BtoC as in BtoB, our support in increasing the autonomy of our customers, have taught us to first define your needs and then offer you a tailor-made program.

Online or face-to-face training, our content is never generic but always practical and focused on your tools and processes. Our traffic managers or web marketers are certified Google Partners on a personal basis and guarantee best practices in SEO.

Google Ads training

Get the digital skills you need to develop your business: make yourself known, retain your customers, sell online, take control of your site, analyze your data, deploy your first Adwords campaign, optimize your natural referencing ... our traffic managers , most of whom are Google Partner certified, offer you a face-to-face or online training program, tailored to your real needs for immediate operational efficiency.

Your Google AdWords benefits:

  • A target audience of Internet users searching on Google.
  • A new type of audience reached by Google and its advertising network.

Your ads can be edited and your budget adjusted until you get the results you want.

Freedom to choose the duration or amount of expenditure.

Targeting of your ads in specific languages ​​and geographic areas (from local to international).

 Measurable and measured results

  • AdWords offers you a number of performance indicators: impressions, CTR, clicks, cost per click, conversions, etc.

How to achieve your visibility and conversion goals on your website? Amalgame's web-marketing team advises and supports you to get you started in the best conditions, at all stages:

1. Let's analyze

  • Your market
  • Your needs
  • Semantics of your activity

2. Let's talk

  • Best web strategy to adopt
  • Optimization of your budget

3. Let's set up and deploy

  • Campaign deployment
  • ROI analysis (return on investment)
  • Reporting throughout the service

Touch the users who have visited your site ...

Remarketing helps you reach people who have visited your website before, when they are visiting other sites in the Google Display Network or performing searches on Google. Present these hot prospects with personalized messages based on the content they've viewed on your site.

Search engines: develop your campaign

The universe of sponsored links offers many opportunities. Before you can enter them, however, you need to master the research tools and keyword selection. You can then improve and optimize your Search Network campaigns in order to get the most out of your investment.

  • Being well referenced on the internet: what does that mean?
  • Keywords and Internet users' requests: the difference
  • Relevant campaign structure
  • Make your keywords speak and exploit them
  • Optimize keyword matching
  • Good practices and pitfalls to avoid

WordPress training 

Half a day in webinar / face-to-face agency or your premises to use WordPress on a daily basis to manage your site.

The objective: to be autonomous in the administration of your site under WordPress

Duration: 3h30

Prerequisites: use of the Internet, office automation tools.

The program :

  • Introduction
  • Getting started with WordPress
  • Edit the content of your site
  • Getting started exercises
  • Questions answers

Google Analytics training

Learn about the audience analysis of your site in 2 hours.

The objective: this initiation to Google Analytics will allow you to understand the principles of its use. To be operational quickly, by having a vision of the information available in the various reports.

Prerequisites: use of the Internet, office automation tools.

The program :

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • First steps and getting started
  • Audience - Who are your visitors?
  • Acquisition - How do your visitors find you?
  • Behavior - How do your visitors use your site?
  • Conversion concepts
  • Update on advanced features
  • Questions answers

Google My Business training

The web agency Tremplin Numérique develops the digital skills of traders, VSEs and SMEs, improves their online presence, creates new professional opportunities by transferring new digital skills such as SEO, emailing, social networks, etc.

The local strategy is to take advantage of online marketing to be visible to potential customers near you and to initiate a conversation with them. Traders, craftsmen, SMEs, service organizations ... Optimize your visibility with your local targets, create a listing in local directories, post your news, collect opinions, be present and engaged on mobile, take your place in the results of nearby searches:

Duration: 3 hours face-to-face

The program :

  • How to advertise to a local clientele?
  • What is Google My Business?
  • What are the benefits of Google My Business?
  • Create / Claim a business listing on Google My Business
  • What if the establishment file is already managed?
  • Improve the local ranking of an establishment on Google
  • Useful links
  • The power of local directories

Facebook Ads training

Advertise on Facebook in the Agency face-to-face or on your premises.

The program :

  • Introduction: online advertising and social networks (especially Facebook Ads)
  • Presentation of the Facebook advertising platform:
    • The different marketing objectives
    • Advertising formats
    • Targeting options
  • Discovery of Facebook Audience Insights (audience statistics)
  • Practical work :
    • Creation of a French-speaking campaign, advertising objective: to promote the page
    • Tips
    • Manage an active campaign and track returns
  • Questions answers

Social media training

2% of B90B buyers independently research and collect information and expert opinions on the Internet. The relevance of the content disseminated by your salespeople on your social networks is a strong lever for attracting prospects. Align your Sales and Marketing teams on common social selling objectives and processes, harmonize your practices to generate real B2B leads.

The objectives: take stock of the various social networks and understand their interest in a digital communication strategy.

Duration: 6:00 a.m. (9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 14:30 p.m. to 17:30 p.m.) or 3:00 a.m. (9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.).

The details: group training in person for a maximum of 10 people.

The public concerned: this training is intended for people who wish to acquire a knowledge base on the use of social networks in a digital communication strategy.

From an operational point of view, a practical workshop is planned to create a company account on a social network. Make your employees ambassadors for your company on social networks.

The prerequisites: be comfortable with the computer and surfing the Internet, know the fundamentals of the web.

The program :

  • What is a social network?
  • Detailed overview of social networks in 2022: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Viadeo, YouTube, etc.
  • How and why do businesses use social media?
  • Case study analysis: a company's social media strategy
  • Practical workshop (according to your needs): create a business page on Facebook; create a Linkedin page ; create a YouTube channel, etc.

Debian Training

Tremplin Numérique offers you our comprehensive training on Debian, one of the most influential and popular open source operating systems in the world. Our curriculum has been carefully designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of using, managing, and optimizing Debian.

Who Should Attend ?

Our courses are aimed at everyone, from beginners with no previous experience to those who wish to improve their knowledge of the Debian system. IT professionals who want to hone their skills in managing the Debian system will also find our training beneficial.

The program :

Our Debian training covers various essential aspects of the operating system. Modules include:

  1. Introduction to Debian: learn the basics of the operating system, its history, its philosophyilosophie and its advantages.
  2. Installing Debian: We walk you through the installation process step by step, explain the different installation choices, and show you how to customize your system to meet your specific needs.
  3. Package Management: Learn how to use the incredible library of over 50 packages to easily install, update, and remove apps.
  4. System Administration: Gain an in-depth understanding of administrative tasks such as user management, system configuration, system maintenance, and security issues.
  5. Cross-Platform Integration: We'll show you how to make Debian work with other operating systems such as Windows, FreeBSD and Solaris.
  6. Virtualization: Learn how Debian can be used to create a virtualized environment, allowing you to run multiple operating systems on a single machine.

Our trainers are Debian ecosystem experts with many years of hands-on experience. At the house of Tremplin Numérique, we believe in a hands-on learning approach with real-time lab sessions that will give you hands-on experience using Debian.

Do not wait any longer because tomorrow it all begins