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Do you want to position yourself sustainably in the search engines?

Tremplin Numérique, your digital agency specializing in natural referencing, supports all professionals in their web visibility strategy. Our mission is to bring you a global and sustainable solution totally in accordance with your needs.

Google and other search engines scrutinize your content. Correctly written with the right keywords, well structured, your pages "go up" higher in the search results.

Tremplin Numérique offers you to improve your existing texts, and / or to produce new optimized pages.

Tremplin Numérique supports you in the design and web editing optimized for better Google positioning. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is vital: 80% of Internet users stop at the 1st page of Google results.

Source: Search Engine Land

Why choose us?

Before starting any service, the members assigned to your project become familiar with your activity and your needs. Each case is different and requires a precise study to design the optimal SEO strategy.

Whether it's technical optimization, editorial or link exchange, we strive to do quality work that 100% respects the guidelines established by Google and other search engines.

With a hundred projects carried out since 2015 in more than 20 different sectors, our team will be able to approach with serenity the optimization and the implementation of SEO strategy, whatever your project.

All the actions carried out for your project are logged and justified. Monthly reports are sent to you so that you can adjust, with you, the strategy to be used to achieve your goals.

SEO / natural referencing: how does it work?

What is SEO natural referencing?

Referencing is the method of processing and displaying content made available on the web, in the form of search results. The display is done as a classification from the most to the least relevant according to the research carried out beforehand on the search engine. However, we must distinguish between two types of referencing!

You have paid referencing: whose position on search engines is sponsored through an advertising expenditure. Finally, you have SEO natural referencing, which interests us much more!

SEO is considered natural when the selection is made only by the search engine itself.

It is possible to improve our referencing thanks to SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization). This encompasses all the techniques and analyzes with the ultimate objective of improving the visibility of your website.

The holy grail is to see the name of your site appear on the first page of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), which is, by definition, the first page of search results. In other words, the higher your site is in the list, the more it will have been considered relevant to the initial search. So, let's be relevant!

The importance of this type of SEO

What is the advantage of appearing on the first search page, would you tell us? Put yourself in a situation. You are looking to acquire a toaster… You type “toaster” on Google like 95% of people.

What is your attitude from this point? Be honest, few people go so far as to browse the second page and only the first results count!

Statistics show that the majority of people do not look at more than ten results. This is when it gets interesting.

Being part of this TOP 10 allows you to considerably increase the native traffic on your site. And who says, more visitors, says more sales conversion.

Know that increasing your "click rate" is the best weapon to maintain your SEO. If our visibility is improved, then we increase our click rate, which improves our SEO. It's an endless circle, it's crazy, right?

How do search engines work ?

Let's make some history! Before the 2000s, search engines were not as numerous as they are today. We had Altavista, Yahoo, Voila and Lycos. The results they put forward were based on the semantics of the content.

The writing carried out inside the web pages simply indicated the theme of the site to the search engine. To optimize the referencing of their sites, the webmasters of the time added a maximum of "keyword", most of the time, not very relevant, see totally incoherent with the theme treated.

I let you imagine the impact this may have had on the overall SEO of websites and their pages. This is where Google comes into play! It adds the criterion of "notoriety" to refine the results. Thus, the more you make yourself known, the more you will be put forward by Google.

Today, the small Google robots that explore the web are based on many other criteria, for example:

  • Netlinking and backlinks (links that direct to your pages from other sites).
  • Regular updating and relevance of the content offered.
  • HTML, CSS and JS codes must perform well! No waiting to load = improved UX = Google content robots.
  • The presence and mentions on the Social Media.

There are nearly 200 criteria, making it possible to better refine the display of results with our friend Google. It remains the number 1 search engine. In France alone, its priority use is estimated at 93% of the market share. So, make sure you're in the small papers of this web giant.

As you will have understood, the goal of natural referencing is to improve your visibility on the web by scrupulously applying the rules put in place by search engines.

Know that the web has more than a billion sites and nearly 30 billion pages! Huge, to say the least! You therefore measure the importance of your SEO.

Your website can be a real masterpiece, if it is poorly referenced, it will miss out on 99% of user searches. Working on your SEO natural referencing is essential to put you in the spotlight.

All the methods implemented give a glimpse of long-term results. So, let's get to work!

Google's advice for a good start in natural referencing (SEO):

The importance of hyperlinks (backlinks)

Search engines go to the heart of the links to evaluate the content of a site and its relevance to a user's search.

Do not think that search engines stop at the simple title of the link to validate its informative "strength"! They also appreciate the content of the "technical" attributes of links like "title" and "alt". And much more information.

An outside link to your site equals a positive vote, according to Google. Keywords included in the link text provide additional points.

Google recently confirmed that the "links factor" plays a major role in the referencing of internet pages, when the links are judiciously written. The Californian engine recommends ensuring the strictest semantic consistency between the keywords of a link and those of its target page.

Make links great again

Tremplin Numérique attaches the utmost importance to the presence and design / writing of links in the websites of its customers. Very often, these are the poor relations of the sites. External links also fall under the linking strategy (netlinking) that any site must put in place to increase its natural referencing on the Internet.

The quality of inbound links determines the power of a site

Tremplin Numérique places the highest importance on the presence and design / writing of links in the websites of its clients. Very often, they are the poor relatives of the sites. External links are also part of the link strategy (netlinking) that any site must put in place to increase its natural referencing on the Internet.

Inner pages inherit the popularity of the homepage, via the number and quality of outer links.

The quality of the links that point to your site is therefore vital for good SEO on search engines.

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