La google ads certification is an examination attesting to the ability of a person or a company to set up and manage an advertising campaign using the Google Ads sponsored links purchase tool. Focus on this exam: definition, program details and interest.

Google Ads certification: definition

The Google Ads certification attests to the perfect knowledge of the advertising campaign tool.

This certification is awarded following an in-depth examination of the program Google Ads : how to optimize a campaign, optimal use of targeting options (by type of device, by type of Internet user, by broadcast period), geo-targeting, optimization of the keyword strategy, choice of ad formats, etc.

Google Ads certification: the advantage of using a certified professional

The Google Ads certification is recognized worldwide and therefore attests to the mastery of the latest Ads tools and the best practices concerning them.

For a customer, it is therefore a guarantee of quality on the ability of a web agency or SEO consultant to better manage its advertising campaigns and maximize their return on investment.

Google Ads Certification: The Exam

To become Google Ads certified, a consultant must pass the basics of advertising with Google Ads exam and one of three advanced exams.

The Advertising Basics exam consists of just over a hundred diverse questions that must be answered within a limited time of two hours.

This exam covers all the fundamentals of operating and managing an Ads account to maximize the success of an advertising campaign via this e-marketing lever.
To pass the exam on the basics of advertising, you must obtain at least 85% correct answers.

Advanced exams also include around XNUMX questions that must be completed in one hour and thirty minutes.

The themes of the advanced exams are:

  • Search Network Advertising: Best Practices for Managing Ads Campaigns and Maximizing Return on Investment.
  • Display Advertising: Best practices for advertising on YouTube and the Google Display Network.
  • Analysis and reporting: best practices for tracking and maximizing account performance via tools such as Google Analytics, Site Optimizer.

For the Google Ads certification to be valid and for the consultant to remain at the forefront in terms of optimizing advertising campaigns, the general exam must be retaken every two years and the advanced exams every year.

Google Ads certification: our diploma

To guarantee you the best possible results, we have passed the exams and obtained the Google Ads certification.