Website creation

Your project starts with a tailor-made website

At your web agency Tremplin Numérique, we are used to supporting all types of profiles in their digital adventure. Since the website is often the first step in the internet world, we are used to creating and developing sites for our clients, whether it is a blog, an e-commerce site , a showcase site or even a web application.

All our websites are optimized for mobile

Not many people know it, but in 2022, the majority of internet traffic comes from mobile users, not computers. Indeed, mobile traffic has taken over since 2017.

As proof, Google now relies on an index based primarily on mobile browsing for the ranking of its search results.

Adapting to mobile browsing has become an essential element when it comes to offering a site to potential customers.

Faced with this observation, Tremplin Numérique undertakes to optimize as much as possible each of the sites created, whether it is an e-commerce site, a showcase site, or a blog, so that your website adapts as well as possible to its users.

  • Computer: 44%
  • Mobile: 52%
  • Tablets: 4%

Creation of a website optimized for natural referencing

Whatever your needs, we can take care of the creation of your website. This site is delivered to you turnkey and is adapted to the requirements of search engines in terms of natural reference.

Website creation: we take care of all your needs

Our teams can take care of the creation of your WEB site whatever your needs.

Showcase website creation

You want a site presenting your activity. We create a website respecting your graphic charter and your brand image.

Creation of an editorial site

You want to set up a site of information, news. We create a site that meets the requirements of this type of site: revitalization of the home page, setting up a comment area, RSS feeds, relaying articles on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

Creation of e-commerce site

You need an administrable site to update your products, create commercial operations... We create a site allowing you to manage your offer, connect online payment systems, create advertising offers...

Creating a website in Flash...

…we take care of all your needs, but don't push grandma into the nettles either!

Creation of blogs and forums

You want to administer a blog or a forum to create a real close relationship with your Internet users. We realize it for you, we can even help you to feed it on a daily basis.

Website creation: our offer

All our sites are delivered turnkey with:

  • Domain name.
  • Accommodation.
  • Email addresses.
  • Analysis and attendance service.
  • Site optimized for natural referencing.
  • Personalized graphic charter.
  • Manageable site (you can create product pages/sheets yourself without necessarily going through us and therefore without having to pay additional costs).
  • Installation of mandatory legal notices.

Creation of SEO optimized sites

Having a website is essential to most businesses. But to develop this activity, your potential customers must find you.
Experts in natural referencing, our websites meet the requirements of search engines to optimize your positioning in search results :

  • Optimization of the menu tree.
  • Optimized page load times.
  • Optimization of the semantic structure of your content.
  • Optimization of page URLs.
  • Respect of the code/text proportion.
  • Optimization of Meta-Tags of pages.
  • Writing quality, unique and informative content.
  • Writing content using keywords intelligently (keyword density concept).
  • Insertion of keywords in the ALT tags of images.
  • Optimization of the internal mesh of the site: contractualized links, related keywords, etc.

Business blog creation

If a site has become essential for companies, the blog is no less so. In fact, the blog allows a different communication which offers many advantages to companies. Communicate more effectively and take care of its referencing, these are the main advantages of a corporate blog.

For these reasons, which we will detail below, you may need to create a blog. We can meet your needs and we therefore offer the creation of professional blogs from 800€ HT.

The interest of creating a business blog

A blog to communicate well

A site must often be organized, formal, it does not allow to communicate in a different and above all regular way. Having a blog means having a great e-marketing tool to highlight your skills, your news, talk about your activity to enlighten Internet users. It's a fabulous way to share with potential customers. The blog also allows you to adopt a slightly lighter tone in order to show yourself in a more “human” light.

A blog for dialogue

What is particularly valuable in the blog is the comment system. If your article appeals to readers, they have the opportunity to give their opinion, to add information. It's a very good way to exchange, to give your opinion, but also to argue. It is by communicating that we learn, a blog thus allows us to listen to both Internet users and our customers, this can thus allow us to question ourselves and to always go before.

A blog to bring your site to life

Today, scripts make it possible to insert on its site the last articles of its blog, to see only extracts. This interaction between the blog and the site brings the latter to life and makes it more welcoming and dynamic. In addition, a site that lives is a site appreciated by Google in terms of natural referencing.

A blog to improve its natural referencing

The corporate blog is highly appreciated today for its ability to be better referenced. You can address many topics related to the company's activity, the trick is to target certain strategic keywords and to make them into structured and complete articles. Google will be really sensitive to it. By then creating links between the blog and the site, the search engines will consider your site even better and will favor it in the search results.

Be careful, however, to respect an essential rule: the blog is a living site. Many are those who start one and do not feed it. In this case, the blog no longer has much interest. So be sure to feed it regularly with a quality web content so that it is relevant for search engines, but also to capture the attention of your readers who may eventually become customers.

Blogging price

Our desire is to provide you with a professional blog that you can feed easily.

To respond to this dual problem, our offer includes:

  • The creation of a fully editable blog so that you can feed it without having technical knowledge. The blog we provide has a text editor that looks like Microsoft Word, so you'll have no trouble writing and editing content.
  • The integration of the blog in your current tree structure so that it is accessible from the menu of your site.
  • The graphic chart. We take over your charter or create a new one on request. So your blog has a professional and serious image from its launch.
  • SEO optimization. The structure of the blog delivered will be in line with current natural referencing standards in order to promote its indexing and positioning in search engines.

Price: from €800 excluding VAT.

Your most frequently asked questions

Because all of our clients have different profiles, so do their website projects. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Except in special cases, all of our sites offer you a management interface allowing you to edit all the content: pages, products, media, etc.

We systematically offer a hosting offer on our servers in all of our website design quotes. This offer includes server administration (monitoring and problem solving). However, you are free to choose the host of your choice.

At Tremplin Numérique, we think that a website is a bit like a store window. Depending on the periods and the offers, it must adapt, change and offer new features to your visitors. All of our solutions are scalable, no sticking point, no need to start from scratch.

All web developments as well as graphic creations can become your entire property. The copyrights can, on request, be transferred to you at 100% on your entire website.

We often have the case of a client having for project the design of a website when no graphic charter has already been defined. This is not a problem for us, we offer tailor-made offers allowing you to do without these sometimes blocking prerequisites.

When drawing up your quote, we estimate an overall duration for your site to be online (analysis, study, graphic charter, development, writing, test).

This duration is highly variable depending on ... you. Indeed, in almost all projects the speed of project design will depend on your responsiveness to provide us with the desired elements and your comments on the progress of the project.

Le price of a website is difficult to define before determining what the type of project will be, and especially the amount of work that will have to be spent on it. If you don't know if your budget is sufficient, simply contact us and we will provide you with a free tailor-made quote, you have nothing to lose!

Do not wait any longer because tomorrow it all begins