Tourism and SEO: tips for improving the natural referencing of an airline
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Tourism and SEO: tips for improving the natural referencing of an airline

The tourism sector is extremely competitive, full of many players, among which airlines occupy an important place. As many businesses recognize the importance of their online presence, airlines are no exception. In fact, more than 50% of Europeans prepare their trip via the web, which is why it is essential for these companies to be visible online. In order to forge a place in the gigantic maze that is the Internet, there is a basic, yet essential, marketing technique: natural search engine optimisation. So what are the methods to apply to increase their online visibility? Discover some practical tips for improving airline SEO below.

The benefits of web SEO for airlines

First of all, it is important to emphasize that having a website is essential today, whether for an airline or any other business. This is the most effective way to communicate with customers, whether to inform about flight cancellations, overbooking or a delay. However, to remain visible to Internet users, SEO is essential.

Paid SEO is undoubtedly the best strategy to adopt for rapid results. It allows you to immediately rise to the top of search engine results and gain visibility. However, in the long term, the profitability of an SEA campaign is uncertain and low.

In the tourism sector, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) emerges as the best strategy. Around 60% of traffic to a tourist site comes from natural referencing. It is therefore essential for an airline to adopt this approach. In addition, SEO offers several advantages.

To date, statistics show that the majority of tourists organize and book their trips online. Here is a point which highlights the fact that natural referencing is essential for carrying out a communication strategy. Thanks to SEO, an airline can increase its online visibility while highlighting its tourism activity.

Tips for improving the SEO and positioning of your airline website

As you will have understood, natural referencing is a lever to exploit to benefit from good visibility on the internet and to make your activity known. Optimizing a site is a task that requires time and work, but the benefits are worth it. Here are some tips for optimizing the SEO of your travel and flight site:

Strengthen SEO with quality content focused on travel

As part of an SEO strategy, content marketing plays a key role. This is the marketing operation to prioritize in order to improve your conversion rate. To attract more traffic, your content must be relevant, captivating to readers and liked by search engines, including Google.

A successful content marketing campaign is primarily based on quality content. Your site must demonstrate your expertise in the field. If you have specific offers, highlight them clearly on your site. Are your online payment terms advantageous? Tell travelers why they should choose your airline.

Do you offer flights to unusual destinations? If you offer flights to original destinations, write articles about them, taking care to avoid “duplicate content,” which can harm your SEO. Offer unique content that brings real added value to your business, informative and personalized. So take your customers on a journey by reading your articles, focus on “storytelling”.

Create a mobile-friendly site

With the rise of mobile devices, make sure your website is optimized for a smooth mobile user experience. Search engines place a high emphasis on mobile compatibility, which can positively influence your rankings.

Develop a travel and airplane keyword campaign

For your marketing strategy to be effective, it must include a marketing campaign. keywords. To get to the top pages of search results, it is essential to target specific queries containing long-tail keywords. Avoid generic queries, such as “flight to Africa” which generate a large volume of searches, because you will have difficulty positioning yourself on this type of keyword.

To find the right keywords for your SEO strategy, start by studying the keywords of your direct competitors. Next, analyze the keywords your site is already linked to. To do this, you can use Google Analytics or Google Search Console. Don’t hesitate to use several tools to find the best performing keywords.

Don't neglect backlink campaigns for your airline

The success of your SEO strategy undeniably requires a marketing campaign. backlinks. These inbound links to your site considerably improve your natural referencing. The backlink is in fact a hypertext link indicated on a website, and which redirects to another site. And in this specific case, it is your airline’s website. These links are important in SEO.

For Google, a site is considered popular and quality if it has many backlinks from authority sites in the same field. For your airline, quality backlinks must therefore come from an authority site, whose theme covered is related to your area of ​​intervention: travel and aviation.

Carry out competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence is a valuable tool for staying on top of trends and effective practices in the tourism industry. Study what your competitors are doing online and adapt your strategy accordingly to stay ahead.

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