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The digital surgeon marketing agency

We will never stop saying it, the Internet is today an essential tool to be used in all sectors of activity. Cosmetic surgery is no exception to this rule. But it is often difficult, if not impossible for a healthcare professional to reconcile the scientific and anatomical knowledge of his profession with computer knowledge. Taking charge of his digital identity can quickly become a Herculean job for him.

Fortunately, Le Chirurgien Digital agency is there to give a boost of surgical precision to these doctors in their quest for visibility on the net. This extraordinary digital agency offers a tailor-made service panel specially designed for the promotion of cosmetic surgery. When we take into account the fact that it is able to reconcile the world of cosmetic surgery with that of ICT, that obviously changes things.

Through this article, we will shed some light on Le Chirurgien Digital, the marketing agency specializing in connected health.

The medical marketing agency that takes care of your image on the internet

Le Chirurgien Digital is a French digital communication agency. Since 2016, she has specialized in digital marketing focused on medicine and cosmetic surgery. If you are a plastic surgeon, the Digital Surgeon is the best agency in France capable of ensuring the influence of your image and that of your work on the web. This agency keeps abreast of advances in the field of plastic surgery. When you add to that, the perfect mastery of the vocabulary specific to the profession of cosmetic surgeon, and the knowledge specific to your profession, this agency enjoys a remarkable advantage over all other communication agencies.

The digital marketing agency Le Chirurgien Digital, through its services, will meet your expectations. This agency offers quotes without commitment in time for its clients while still committing to provide rapid results to its clients.

The services of the digital agency Le Chirurgien Digital

The creation and maintenance of an “image” or a “reputation” in the digital world takes into account a number of parameters. At Le Chirurgien Digital, his parameters are divided between 4 different services which, together, form a perfect whole in the solid establishment of your digital identity. Its services are: E-reputation, social networks, website and SEO referencing, as well as communication.


A patient wishing to have a facelift, for example, will first of all take into account the opinions and feedback from former patients of the various cosmetic surgeons that they have selected. Thanks to the Internet, you no longer need to worry too much about having it, a simple search and you're done. It is therefore very important that your image as a cosmetic surgeon on the web be as flawless as possible.

They have a fairly large network of websites, and can thanks to its latest, bring up favorable results for a surgeon in the search engine rankings. Obviously, the unfavorable results will therefore automatically drop in the Google search results. Indeed, the agency has its own secret techniques, but infallible, to do so. Rest assured, his techniques remain 100% legal.

Social networks

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and many others now play a very big role in the visibility and maintenance of your image on the Internet. This is in particular due to the very large number of users who have adopted them across the world.

However, it will not be enough to simply have an account on these networks to be visible at will. This requires a number of conditions. This digital communication agency will take care of everything. She will take care of the development of useful content, writing, audiovisual creations, and even clinical cases to publish on your various digital channels.

In addition to that, to manage the messages of your patients or future patients, it will take time, this time so precious that so many doctors in France lack. The agency will also take care of this for you. You will only have to say what your expectations are, and they will know how to speak to your audience.

Finally, if you participate in an important event, at your request, it will take care of its coverage and its continuous retransmission and in full on your social networks.

Websites and SEO

Any serious business that wants to have a perfect image on the web must necessarily have its dedicated website. It's a bit like your doctor's office, but virtual. It is therefore very important and essential to have one. The Digital Surgeon will take care of the creation of your website, in your image and able to surpass those of the competitors.

In addition to that, it will work on the natural referencing of your site in order to quickly propel it in the first proposals of search engine results. Usually it takes time, but again, this agency has unique medical techniques so you can see the change as quickly as possible.


It is true that in France, advertising is prohibited for all doctors practicing in the territory. And who says doctor also says surgeon. However, this ban by the National Council of the French Order of Physicians could very soon be reduced.

You can therefore anticipate this by contacting the marketing agency Chirurgien Digital in complete confidentiality to see what possibilities will be available to you in terms of advertising, and already what is possible to do with a communication point of view.


In short, the evolution of information and communication technologies affects all sectors of activity. The field of cosmetic surgery does not remain in less either. To make sure you stay in the race and hold a good position, it is important to entrust your image to a good digital communication agency. The Digital Surgeon is the digital marketing agency you need to make yourself known on the web. It takes care of the image of cosmetic surgeons on the Internet through its 4 services. To contact them, you can find them directly on their website or through their various social networks.

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