B&O Launches Stylish Beoplay EQ ANC Wireless Headphones
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B&O Launches Stylish Beoplay EQ ANC Wireless Headphones

Bang & Olufsen has already launched true wireless in its E8 series, but had not included active noise cancellation in its headphones - until now.

B&O has detailed the Beoplay EQ, blending sleek styling and cutting-edge audio technology in a pair of pocket headphones.

They aren't meant to be budget conscious you think so that piggy bank may have to break in with the RRP of £ 349 / € 399 / $ 399 / CA $ 529 - more expensive than their real one. wireless E8.

For that amount, the Beoplay EQ offers Adaptive ANC which includes a dedicated ANC DSP (digital signal processing) chip and six microphones that automatically adjust the level of noise cancellation without requiring user intervention.

The microphone has also teamed up to create "the best directional beamforming technology," aimed at delivering crystal clear call and speech quality.

In terms of audio, the B&O Beoplay EQ aims to produce a powerful and "authentic" listening experience. The frequency range is 20-20Hz (pretty standard for true wireless), and the Beoplay EQ pack 000mm piloyour electro-dynamics that B&O often uses in their headphones.

Battery life is 20 hours in total - better than Bose, but not as long as Apple or Sony - with 6,5 hours per earphone with ANC or 7,5 hours with ANC off. Charge them for 20 minutes and two extra hours are free, while the EQ headphones support wireless charging through their Qi-certified case.

Adaptive SBC, AAC and aptX are integrated in terms of Bluetooth codecs. So, with the latter, the headphones adapt the playback bit rate to maintain a strong wireless connection with the source device. Wireless connectivity is Bluetooth 5.2, with Microsoft Swift Pair and Made for iPhone licenses to allow quick headset setup.

Beoplay EQ with charging case

We cannot write about a B&O product without mentioning the design. Small in size and using materials such as aluminum, the headphones weigh 8g each and will be available in Black Anthracite and Sand Gold Tone finishes. The IP54 rating protects them from dust and splashing water, and they also come with interchangeable tips in different sizes - including COMPLY Sport 200 tips - to achieve the best possible fit.

The B&O app supports additional features such as firmware updates. The Beoplay EQ also supports the Apple Watch interface if that interests you.

The B&O Beoplay EQ is priced at £ 359 / $ 399 (USD) / CA $ 529 and is available for purchase from August 19 online and in Bang & Olufsen stores.

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