Why choose Docage for electronic signature?
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Why choose Docage for electronic signature?

Docage is a French company specializing in signing electronic documents. It offers an effective solution for companies as well as for individuals for the authentication of their document. It offers the best price/functionality ratio on the market. Would you like to know more about the real reasons that can lead to requesting the services of this company? Read !

A 100% French online document signing solution

Docage is a French company that helps you sign your electronic documents. This is undoubtedly one of the first reasons why you can opt for this company. She has a perfect knowledge of the French legal framework on such services.

By entrusting your services to this company, you are guaranteed quality work. You will have your documents signed in compliance with the standards in force. You also make the choice of proximity by directing you to Docage. The latter also has an eIDAS timestamp with proven legal value throughout Europe and the United States. For an online signature that complies with the various legislations in force, this company is the best reference in France. 

A better integrated solution on the market to have your documents signed 

The French online signature specialist provides its customers with a user-friendly, modern and intuitive interface. This makes it easier to sign documents from the different media you use. She makes the process very simple, but also very quick. Thanks to the company, you only need your phone for signing.

This is done instantly without resorting to any physical exchange. You can use the Docage interface to design forms as well as documents. The elements thus created are automatically linked to the paths of the signature. The design of these components is done using specific modules.

They are known as Docage Form and Docage Doc. These are integrated solutions to facilitate the signing of documents of all kinds. The company has a good customer experience that it puts at the service of these users.

A good alternative with the best price/functionality ratio on the market 

You can benefit from the electronic signature solution offered by Docage from €4,90 excl. VAT/month. It is undoubtedly the most economical online signature service in France, but also in the whole of Europe. The pricing offered by Docage is non-binding and without transaction volume limits.

The credits of the French electronic signature company do not expire and only validated operations are invoiced. To get an idea of ​​the savings you can make by using Docage's services, you need to use its simulator. Mention in it the quantity of documents to be signed, the number of signatories and users.

Your electronic signature subscription with Docage allows you to benefit from a number of additional features. These are options for automation through templates, long-term archiving, and merging form fields. You can also take advantage of custom fields, multi-object workbooks and unlimited API access.

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