What images for my brochure, my website?
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What images for my brochure, my website?

Every image has an author. The latter has de facto rights to its creation. It would therefore be necessary to contact the author to ask him for a right to use his work. And if this use is made in a commercial context, the author can then monetize this use.

Images on Google

Images on Google
Images on Google

Image searches are often done via the Internet users' favorite search engine. For example, you are looking for an image of a red car. You type in the search box: “red car” 1.

A first result is displayed with an area at the top showing a selection of images corresponding to your search 2 and below links to websites also corresponding to your search 3. Then click on “Pictures” 4 to display only the images corresponding to your search.

In the menu bar that appears below the input area, click on “Tools”, then on “User rights”. And there, choose “Reuse and modification allowed” or “Reuse allowed”. The display will then be restricted to the images that you can use.

Image banks

It is also possible to look at image banks. In this case, we take no risk: these online image libraries are made for that!

There are some whose user license is free, let us quote:

  • Pixabay
  • Pxhere
  • Pixnium

It is still necessary to check what is the scope of the license. For example, in Pixabay, the indications are indicated to the right of the image. Sometimes you have to register with an email address.

There are also image banks with paid license:

  • Istockphoto
  • Adobe Stock 
  • Fotolia (acquired by Adobe)

Generally, these image banks offer facilities to better target your search: vertical or horizontal format, dominant color, type of image (photo, drawing, etc.).

Google Images

Google Images lets you know where an image has been used:

  1. click on the camera to the right of the input box
  2. click on the “Import an image” tab
  3. click on “Choose a file” and select the image on your computer.

Google will display the list of pages where this image is located.

Useful to find out if one of your images has been pirated or to find the author of an image you like.

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