Training in marketing and communication: what career prospects?
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Training in marketing and communication: what career prospects?

Career choices are rarely easy. Getting into an unpromising field is a risk no one likes to take. On the other hand, following a training in marketing and communication represents a real asset for a sustainable professional integration. So, what job opportunities does this popular field present?

What is a training in marketing and communication?

Marketing and communication go hand in hand. He can't have one without the other. Marketing is the strategy put in place by a company to offer its services or sell its products. It consists of analyzing and listing the real needs of a target audience, in order to respond to them effectively. Communication is one of the means used to execute a marketing strategy.

Training in marketing and communication provides the skills inherent in the exercise of the various functions of the advertising sector and communication. Thanks to it, the learner masters the tools and techniques (sales and communication) to become a professional in customer relations.

Adapted course modules

The marketing world is very broad. This is why training institutes offer programs to specialize. With a bac +4, you can take training to obtain an MBA or an MSc.

These diplomas offer you a double skill, in particular in web-marketing and luxury marketing. This makes it possible to practice internationally. It is also possible to follow a marketing and communications training for know the legal framework of communication.

A variety of training paces

Marketing training can be followed remotely via an online platform or face-to-face in a specialized institute. Online training is ideal for going at your own pace and acquiring the expertise necessary for a career in trades. It is suitable for people who carry out another activity at the same time. Depending on preference, you can take initial marketing training, continuous or alternately.

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What are the key skills required for a career in this field?

Certain skills are essential for success in the world of commerce. It is a range of professional qualities and technical abilities.

The professional skills sought

Must have good relationship and interpersonal skills. You must cultivate team spirit and demonstrate great creativity. Having a strong analytical faculty and a good knowledge of numbers is an advantage.

It is also advisable to be gifted in the art of convincing and develop negotiation skills. To show its value in marketing, you have to be ambitious, organized and original. This obviously requires character and economic culture.

Essential technical skills

Depending on the position sought, employers are looking for specific technical skills. Good knowledge of data analysis is required. Knowledge of computers and management software is also essential. Moreover, knowing how to speak English or other languages ​​in addition to French, gives a good impression.

What training for a career in marketing and communication?

The offer of marketing training is very varied, especially since there are several types of marketing (strategic, managerial, operational, etc.). Admission requirements vary from course to course. As a general rule, qualifying courses require a 3e level. To follow a diploma course, you must have at least the Bac. Here are the training courses to follow to practice a profession in the field of marketing and communication.

Marketing training without a specific level

They are of several orders and allow to have a certification of skills. This type of training is particularly useful for professionals who wish to specialize. We distinguish :

  • quality management and monitoring,
  • the definition of the marketing strategy of a company,
  • the implementation of the marketing plan,
  • the deployment of the marketing strategy,
  • the design and deployment of an acquisition campaign on the web,
  • the Pilostage of a digital development project.

There are training courses to build a monitoring system, making it possible to identify innovations in the digital field. Can also learn how to optimize the performance of a site of online sales.

Training at Bac +2/Bac +3 level

People with a Bac + 2 have access to diploma courses such as the Graduate digital and visual communication as well as the BTS communication. With a Bac +3, you can obtain the Bachelor in charge of event projects, a degree in marketing and communication or a qualification in digital communication. You can also train to design a multi-channel communication project, develop a digital communication strategy and many other possibilities.

From a Bac +5

The training courses that require the Bac +5 level allow you to specialize in the profession of your choice. Concretely, we are perfecting ourselves to have a more global vision of the issues presented by the latter. The Digital Strategy MBA is expert training which takes place over 12 to 24 months. It allows to have the title of Expert in strategy and digital development (RNCP). The Marketing and Communication MBA is also a level 7 training that you can benefit from. This diploma can be obtained over 550 hours and promotes the acquisition of tools and techniques of strategic marketing and communication for the company.

To finance your training in marketing and communication, Several solutions are available to you. The Personal Training Account (CPF) is a very practical solution. It supports training that leads to obtaining a certification recognized by the State. OPCO financing is also available if you qualify. You can also benefit from aid from Pôle emploi as well as scholarships depending on your profile.

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What are the positions targeted after such studies?

The marketing and communication sector recruits a lot. By following a training in this field, you do not risk finding yourself unemployed. Let's take a look at a few opportunities in this lucrative sector.

Marketing Manager

As the name suggests, the marketing manager is the pillar of a company's development. Its role is to promote the return on investment of the latter by participating in the promotion of its goods and services. It uses all available methods to win and retain customers while expanding the scope of brand expansion. To carry out its function, the marketing manager implements a commercial policy infallible.

He directs sales and marketing operations, controls the competition and ensures the proper sale of products. The salary of a marketing manager at the start of his career climbs around 3000 euros. The junior professional receives between 4000 and 6000 euros. Experts can have an income that amounts to 13 euros per month.

Community manager

If you have a penchant for content creation and digital, community management is for you. Your role will be to manage a brand's online presence by uniting Internet users around its objectives. The web community expert carries the voice of a company within a group of people.

It is one of the important links in its communication strategy. This professional can work in an agency or as a freelancer. The salary for a community manager position varies between 2500 and 4000 euros.

Digital communication project manager

The communication project manager sets up strategies to improve a brand's public relations or an organization. Its activity focuses on the digital communication needs of the latter.

It analyzes traffic statistics in order to help it generate more traffic. The diploma required to practice this profession is the MBA (Bac +5 level). The monthly income of the professional is between 2500 and 5000 euros.

Communication Manager

Far from being an ordinary employee, the communication officer is the one who connects the management of a company to its public (employees, customers and potential franchisees). He deals the development of communication actions aimed at facilitating the general strategy of the brand. This professional is called upon to use all the means necessary to facilitate exchanges and bring everyone together around a common interest. His salary varies from 1800 euros to 4500 euros.

media planner

Organizational people who love to plan can pursue a career in media planning. Their role will be to plan and coordinate advertising campaigns. The media planner is a fine strategist in charge of a company's advertising. In addition toa certified diploma, he must be constantly on the lookout for digital trends. He earns around 3000 euros per month.

What are the challenges and opportunities in this area?

The development of social media and information technology has propelled the marketing and communication sector to the fore. Trades in the field are very popular these days. However, the digital world is complex. There are therefore many challenges to be faced when considering a career in the sector. You have to have a great capacity for adaptation and be ready to accept change.

Technology evolves over time. It is worth following the trend using recent tools and techniques. Partner with like-minded technology partners. The chances of success are high when you are well surrounded. do not forget to keep learning to better meet the needs of your customers.

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