Excel training: how to obtain TOSA certification?
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Excel training: how to obtain TOSA certification?

You have computer skills that you want to highlight. You have a certain level of proficiency in Excel that could boost your career, but you lack a certification to prove it. The TOSA Excel certification is an official document that validates and authenticates your mastery of this software. Before you seek to discover an Excel training to become certified, we invite you above all to know a little more about what the TOSA or Test On Software Application really is. This will allow you to better understand its real value on your resume.

What is TOSA?

We often talk about certification TOSA. This is an exam allowing any candidate with complete skills on computer tools to validate them with an official document recognized by all companies around the world. Like official language certifications (DELF, DALF, TOEIC or TOEFL), a TOSA certificate is a way to prove that you have the skills required to master software from A to Z. Although we are talking about Excel, other office and digital tools are also concerned: Word, Photoshop, InDesign, DigComp, WordPress, etc.

TOSA is a certification created in 2011 by ISOGRAD. It quickly became a reference in many organizations that some require it. Major universities and schools as well as training organizations now include in their program preparation courses for passing the official TOSA exam.

Today, office and digital tools are inseparable from the tasks performed in organizations in all fields. If you are an employee or a recent graduate who wishes to prove your skills on a particular software, TOSA certification is mandatory. This has been the case since 2018, where since then it has been in high demand in the world of work. To illustrate its importance, know that more than 7000 organizations and universities refer to the TOSA. TOSA-certified employees have a better chance of finding a new job and young graduates with TOSA certification are assigned to important positions thanks to their level of competence. As long as the TOSA score is important, you can prove that you are proficient in Excel.

What is a TOSA score?

Many employees compete for TOSA certification. But you must remember before taking the exam that you cannot fail. Indeed, the TOSA only aims to award those who pass the certification a score that varies from 1 to 1000 depending on their skill levels.

At the end of the exam, the score is instantly delivered. This is the level of mastery of the computer tool on which you have decided to be assessed. For a beginner, the score ranges from 1 to 350. For a basic level, it ranges from 351 to 550. For an operational level, it ranges from 551 to 725. For an advanced level, it ranges from 726 to 875. And for an expert level, it is between 876 and 1000.

If you got a score that puts you at a low enough level, you can retake the TOSA certification exam multiple times until you reach your desired level.

What are the certified skills?

A TOSA certificate validates your office and digital skills. These mainly concern the computer tools commonly used in companies. Indeed, the TOSA certification covers 4 types of skills:

  • Office automation skills with TOSA Desktop certification (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Calc, LibreOffice Impress)
  • Skills in digital tools with TOSA Digital certification (WordPress, DigiComp, Cyber ​​Citizen)
  • Application development and computer programming skills with TOSA Code certification (Python, R, PHP)
  • DTP and CAD skills with TOSA Graphics certification (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, InDesign)

Why Get TOSA Certified for Excel?

Passing a TOSA certification to validate your mastery of Excel allows you to confirm your level of competence on this spreadsheet. You can take the assessment in multiple languages. At the end of the exam, your score is an asset on your curriculum vitae or in the company that employs you, because you certify that you have reached a level of mastery of this tool.

However, there are many candidates who have used Excel since their working day, thus believing that their skills are up to standard. This is the reason why it is strongly advised to learn before being assessed. Excel is a comprehensive calculation tool for manipulating data, creating pivot tables, and more. In this sense, train yourself so that you have the maximum score.

Where can you take the TOSA certification for your Excel skills?

Like many certification exams in the IT field, the TOSA certification exam can be taken via the Internet (where you have your own time, but with online proctoring) or at an authorized test center (where you are subject to all the conditions for taking an exam).

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