Microsoft may be fixing a big problem with Windows Update
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Microsoft may be fixing a big problem with Windows Update

A new update for Windows 11 and Windows 10 may help fix some long-standing Windows Update issues.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 just got an update that changes how Windows Update works, and it could be something that fixes a long-standing issue with Windows Update: updates not installing . You've probably had this problem before trying to install an update, but for some inexplicable reason the update fails and you can't do much but try again. However, that could change.

According to Microsoft, update KB4023057 does the following: “On Windows consumer devices, this update fixes the functionality of Windows Update. Sure, that's pretty vague, but "fix it working" is a pretty cool line that probably refers to fixing previously known issues with Windows Update that make the user experience less smooth, and updates not installing is a fairly well-known issue.

Even though this update doesn't actually force updates to install smoothly, we sure would like to see more than a vague error message with no useful information when updates fail. However, it's also important to remember that updates can fail to install for a wide variety of different reasons, so there may not be an easy fix when your particular update for your unique system isn't working. not as expected.

Ultimately, however, it's still unclear what practical effect this update will have on Windows Update. However, this is a mandatory update, so you'll have to install it and find out for yourself eventually. When you're up to date, be sure to keep an eye on Windows Update to see if you notice it failing to install updates or if in general Windows Update seems to run more smoothly.

As you'd expect, this update, like most other updates, will be available through the traditional Windows Update system on Windows.

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