The comeback of Google EAT
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The comeback of Google EAT

This is not new: Google regularly refines its guidelines to allow its users to take advantage of authoritative websites in their fields. It is in this dynamic that, in 2014, a series of new directives appeared, today known under the acronym EAT.

This directive brings together 3 key factors allowing sites to climb the ladder of the natural reference based on elements of expertise (E), authority (A) and reliability (T for trustworthiness) of published content. As a result, a better ranking on Google search results.

If this directive has existed for a few years already, it is in 2020 that it is coming back in force. Indeed, employing thousands of evaluators, Google now attaches particular importance to the EAT directive, but also to the structure of the sites analyzed as well as to the information provided by them to classify them. This is why to ignore the existence of Google EAT is simply to miss out on a major SEO tool. Explanations.

E stands for Expertise

To create an impact, in terms of SEO, you must prove to Google that you have an excellent level of expertise in your field. To do this, you will have to write quality content and texts of sufficient size. In terms of size, precisely, some agree that 500 words is the viable minimum for Google to take a page into account. Others bet on texts of 600 to 800 words… It's not that simple, because in reality, the number of words should be adapted to the request.

This content can then be read by Google robots, but also by appraisers. These will give you a rating of expertise that will allow you to rank more easily on the first pages of the search engine.

In addition to long content, think about the relevance of your article. Repeating the same things over and over again won't help your SEO. Each sentence must contain unique information. By providing valuable information to your readers, you are forging yourself a privileged position and presenting yourself as an expert in your field.

Finally, be sure to refine your “About us” page in order to prove your authority in your field and to demonstrate that you have the necessary expertise in the various subjects covered on your site. On the Internet, authority is one of the most important things to set yourself apart from your competitors..

Translated Authority

Writing quality content won't do everything; you will also need to create many internal and external links. Inbound links, or backlinks, play a very important role for your site. Located on third-party sites, they further support your authority with Google. To get these backlinks, you have several choices. You can :

  • Write a unique article by publishing it on a third-party site in which a link to your personal site will be included (this is called the guest blogging);
  • Offer other sites to use your content for free by including a link to your web space;
  • Buy links (backlinks).

By choosing quality partner sites to establish your external links, you can quickly gain many places in the search results on Google. You can then focus on the last point: reliability.

T stands for reliability

Here, the main thing is played in the “about” part of your site. Your biography is an asset that must be put forward to prove your reliability in your field of activity. You can accompany your presentation space by including an article or an e-book to download. Anything that will allow you to prove your level of expertise to your readers will be good to put in place on your website.

To increase your reliability in the eyes of Google EAT, you can also offer your readers clear and precise information on your area of ​​expertise. By providing detailed, even vulgarized articles, you will be able to create a recurring audience who will come back to consult your pages on their own. Google reviewers will then consider ranking your site as a Trusted Expert (E) in their database.

How to Write Content According to Google's EAT Criteria
To rank well using Google's EAT guidelines, you need to drive traffic to your site. This traffic is obtained by regularly posting quality content. The higher your traffic, the higher you go up in Google rankings. This increase also plays on your authority (A) and allows you to strengthen your audience.

By following Google's EAT guidelines to the letter, you can improve the marketing facet of your site. Be careful not to fall into the trap of excessive marketing! The balance that consists of implementing actions to attract traffic is difficult to find without the help of an expert, such as an editorial agency for example. But a successful strategy leads to the increase of your SERP ranking and the influx of new visitors, therefore prospects and customers.

As you will have understood, Google EAT is important if you want to significantly improve your SEO. By improving your position on the Internet, you can quickly establish a notorious audience, which will allow you to gain notoriety with search engines. With this authority, you will quickly appear among the top Google pages in your field. CQFD.

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