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Digital: top 3 mobile marketing tools to use in business

Marketing refers to all the actions carried out by a company for commercial purposes towards its consumers. It is mobile when the first communication channel between the two parties is the cell phone. Due to the heavy use of smartphones, mobile marketing is becoming an imperative in business. Here are some tools you can use for your mobile marketing strategy. 

1. SMS

SMS is one of the simplest and most effective mobile marketing tools. It allows you to send messages of 160 characters that can address any subject. As long as you find a way to get your information into 160 characters, texting doesn't limit you. SMS is also versatile. It can be used for various purposes. You can read more about the marketing blog here, and know some of its uses. 

As soon as it is sent, the SMS is received as a notification by your consumers. This gives it an exceptional reading rate. This is the reason why SMS campaigns are used more and more. In addition, this means of mobile marketing has the advantage of not being dependent on the internet connection. 

This justifies that a sent SMS reaches its recipient in 90% of cases and is read within three minutes. These very interesting statistics make SMS a very practical tool. Whether for alerts or for promotional campaigns, it guarantees convincing results. 

2. Email

Email is an electronic message sent over a computer network. This already assumes that email performance is directly linked to your consumers' internet usage. If most of them don't have the right profile for logged in users, then email isn't right for your business.

It is therefore important with launching emailing campaigns to ensure that the majority of your customers are people who are constantly connected to the internet. If so, then you have a powerful mobile marketing tool. Often associated with professional exchanges, email is viewed by many as a safe channel. This is what makes it a great mobile marketing tool. 

You can exploit it through newsletters for example. They will allow you to stay in touch with your consumers while communicating about important events in your business. Consider measuring the impact of your campaigns with metrics such as open and click-through rate.

3. Social networks 

It's almost impossible to mention mobile marketing without talking about social media. Accumulating nearly five billion users worldwide, social networks represent the new dimension of mobile marketing. They are ideal if you want to create proximity and attachment to your brand. Their strength also lies in the data they allow you to collect. With social media, you can learn more about your consumers and refine your targeting.

All you need to do is create professional accounts on the networks of your choice and animate them. The secret to using social media is to stay creative and consistent. This is how your consumers will integrate you into their daily lives.

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