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Cybermut, the Crédit Mutuel offer to discover

Pay for train tickets with your smartphone, pay for your bottle of water with your “contactless” credit card… Today, all of this is possible. Indeed, the payment options offered by banks are diverse. This is the case with Cybermut, Crédit Mutuel's online payment solution. Here is the information you need about this secure option.

The use of credit cards has long been widespread in online shopping. However, this easy payment method is not without its problems. Piracy is one such problem.

To protect internet banking security, a web-based tool has been created by Crédit Mutuel to monitor the status of your account in real time. This service, coded Cybermut, earned its name by its reliability.

The Cybermut is a secure payment method that was first introduced by Crédit Mutuel. With this service it is possible to pay online safely. In service for several years, it is now more than ready to support the employees of the company. This is particularly the case due to the rapid growth of digitization and also the advent of online shopping. Nowadays, it is impossible not to think about this type of payment method.

Since the introduction of the Internet and the rise of mobile phones, traditional consumption patterns have changed dramatically. Today, online card payments represent a significant portion of transactions. In order to ensure the security of payments made by credit card, Crédit Mutuel has created Cybermut, which allows payment by credit card in order to ensure security for both the merchant and the consumer. Thanks to Cybermut, online payment has never been so secure. Did you know that Cybermut offers many services to its customers? Let's find out today.

CyberMut P@iement, Crédit Mutuel's CIC P@iement

Available since 1998. P@iement CIC was a benchmark banking solution for processing credit card transactions on merchant websites in France. It was marketed by the nine regional banks that made up the CIC group.

The process of processing credit card transactions made on a merchant's website is fully supported by CIC Bank's solution.

P@iement CIC has been specially designed for:

  • simplify the implementation processAll you have to do is sign a P@iement CIC contract with your CIC agency and integrate the order footer into your page, the call to the secure module which is installed on your server hosting your website.
  • Convenience for your customers
  • Your customers are safe
    • The technology is up to date and meets security standards.
    • each credit card transaction creates an authorization request from the bank that holds the card;
    • The financial transaction takes place on our bank's server, which is clearly identifiable by its internet address and graphic elements to ensure the security of your customers.
  • adapt to your needs as well as regulatory and technological developments .

Then… the Crédit Mutuel bank was inspired by this P@iement CIC offer to launch… CyberMut P@iement!

CyberMUT P@iement, the most reliable payment solution on the internet.

Are you looking to sell your goods or services on the Internet? CyberMUT P@iement not only offers you fast access to e-commerce, but also reliable security for online sales.

Pioneer of payments on the Internet and leader in the field of electronic banking, Crédit Mutuel puts its skills at your service with CyberMUT P@iement.

A simple, universal and scalable solution

CyberMUT P@iement accepts French and foreign bank cards. Its system is multi-language and multi-currency.

CyberMUT adapts to regulatory and technical developments.

A reliable and secure system and environment

#ep014Controls, confirms and executes all financial transactions by credit card 24 hours a day, 24 days a week... for more assurance for you and your customers!

Connected to your store Your customer decides what he wants to buy, fills in the order form and chooses to pay by credit card. He is then instantly connected to your Crédit Mutuel secure server to enter the credit card number and expiry date.

For transactions on the Internet, articles 132-4 to 132-6 of the Monetary and Financial Code apply.

CyberMUT P@iement:

  • Online authorization request
  • Informs you and informs the buyer of the follow-up given to his request.
  • The collection process is carried out the payment when the authorization has been granted.


  • Direct connection direct connection Crédit Mutuel secure server
  • Data confidentiality: data is protected between the client's computer and the Crédit Mutuel server.
  • merchant authentication merchant authentication: all merchants are linked to Crédit Mutuel, a guarantee of trust for customers on the Internet
  • Integrity: circulating information cannot be modified.

Immediate or deferred payment, choose!

When installing the CyberMUT P@iement system, you can choose between immediate collection or deferred collection.

Crédit Mutuel

The money is immediately transferred to your account.

Deferred collection

The money is transferred to your account at the end of the chosen deferred period. This deferred allows you to possibly cancel an order, if for example you are out of stock.

Personalized follow-up

Transaction history

You can check the payment information of all your customers at any time. The transaction history is available over 4 months.

Personalized dashboard

The money is transferred to your account at the end of the chosen deferred period. This deferred allows you to possibly cancel an order, if for example, you are out of stock.


Cybermut: Its strengths

First of all, you should know that the Cybermut program has already proven itself with customers of immediate collection. It has a large number of users, thanks to its many advantages.

The Cybermut is equipped with a user-friendly and fluid interface. It has several options that make it easy to use. Crédit Mutuel has considerably improved its secure online payment service over the past few years. It now uses the latest technologies, which translates into many options, including:

  • theoverdraft alert When a customer's credit limit is exceeded, the bank sends an SMS alert;
  • creating and customizing an account via smartphone or tablet
  • un easy access to the Crédit Mutuel banking network subscribers can easily access all offers and services;
  • manage their banking transactions in France, in Europe and in countries that are not part of the European Union;
  • consult quickly their online account in real time
  • ask for a new checkbook or request a credit card extension.

The main advantage of Cybermut is its ability to secure customer information. Indeed, the system encrypts all customer data and ne leash no trace of the card of credit on the Internet. In reality, no one can access the personal information of customers or the online store. All transactions are made between the Crédit Mutuel number and the customer.

Cybermut is compatible with the SSL protocol, which protects the customer's banking information against cybercrime and hacking.

It is important to know that Cybermut is a program specialized in the security of transactions and the protection of banking information. Customers can be sure they are protected for every purchase made with their credit card.

How to connect for the first time via Cybermut?

To securely login to your account with Cybermut at the first time, you need to install the app on your tablet or phone. A mobile confirmation request is sent via SMS to verify that your phone number is correct. It is essential to enter the code received and create a new one which will be requested during online purchases as well as for all other transactions in your personal space. Cybermut is an absolutely free service that makes it possible to secure its customers' bank details by protecting bank details, in particular their card number. Cybermut allows you to pay by Visa card in complete security.

How do I access my #ep115 account?

To access your Crédit Mutuel account, you must access the customer area under "your section" to connect. Access to your account is granted through its personal code which guarantees online security. If the customer is connected to his account for personal use, he will be able to take advantage of the various services offered (consult account information, transfer funds or buy an account, or make a checkbook, etc.).

In case of online purchase, during payment, the Cybermut code is automatically activated. Payment pages are sent to customers to ensure data security, since they are encrypted with the SSL protocol. Customers must enter their card information and the cryptogram found on the page and that's it.

Where can I find my Cybermut ID and Crédit Mutuel password?

To find your connection identifier, consult your contracts, request it online (to be delivered by sms or by post) or go to your branch.

To reset your password, you must connect to your personal space and request it online to receive a new password. There are other possibilities, such as going to an agency or calling the hotline.

When you have the necessary information, you can consult your bank account in the “my bank” section, open an account and modify your secret code, change your password and pay online.

On the Internet, the most efficient means of payment is the credit card which guarantees its owner data encryption allowing a completely secure transaction thanks to systematic authorization. But, do not communicate your coordinates by telephone or e-mail.

Connecting to Cybermut: common causes of access problems

In some cases, customers may have difficulty logging into their account. The reasons for these problems may be as follows:

  • Changes are made to the account by management. In reality, the account can be closed for a period of time, if the manager suspects a threat or if management action needs to be taken. To better understand the situation, just speak with the advisor to find out more.
  • Access to the account is blocked if the actions of the account owner are suspicious such as an impulsive transfer or an unusual purchase. To solve the problem, the advisor calls the client to verify that the actions have been carried out by the client. If the person holding the account cannot be reached after several attempts, access to the account is restricted to prevent any fraudulent action.
    • The same can happen if the manager suspects a hack. If a customer debits your account to make a payment in a country where he has never made a transaction, the advisor, since the transaction is unique and appears to be fraudulent, may restrict access to the account for a certain period of time in order to prevent threats like theft. Access will be restored after confirmation from the account owner.
    • Access problems may be due to maintenance carried out by Crédit Mutuel. This is a typical problem for any website, as this type of platform requires regular maintenance to keep it running. This is particularly true for updating its official site and in particular when the services concerned are linked to Cybermut. The purpose of this maintenance is to facilitate the manipulation and modernization of online banking services according to the advance of digital technology.
  • The Services may be temporarily unavailable for a short time or even hours depending on the intensity of the changes. However, services resume quickly the next day, at the latest. If transactions take place during the interview, it is recommended to go to an agency.
    • Blockages can be caused by cookies. To avoid this kind of problem, you must change the settings of the device used. Updates that browsers need but have not been made can cause failures. Once done, the connection will return to normal.

What to do in case of theft or loss of your means of payment?

It is essential to immediately report any theft or loss of your credit card, as soon as possible. To do this, follow these steps:

Contact the bank as soon as you become aware of the loss.

Crédit Mutuel bank will frequently remind its customers to keep their contact details handy and to keep track of their card number. If these numbers are not recorded, the account number and branch number printed on the statement will suffice.

Create an online payment block.

Customers who use the #ep031 service have the option of creating an online payment block. This option is accessible via the Services menu. The cardholder can simply click on it in order to cancel the transaction.

For your purchase to be approved, you must carefully follow the steps givenon the site. When all procedures are completed, your account is immediately blocked and can no longer be used.

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