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Your titles now evaluated in number of pixels

If Google finds your page title ( ) too long in number of pixels, it rewrites it for its results page!

Google would now use a new criterion to decide whether a page title ( ) Is too long : its width in pixels. This is what SEOmofo, an American site specializing in natural referencing, revealed. If your is too long, Google rewrites the text to display it in the search results page. Simply.

Until now, Google cut the headlines after approximately 60 characters (including spaces). He displayed them as mutilated, followed by three dots in the search results pages.

now Google would calculate a width in pixels, and no longer a number of characters. This is understandable. A text made up of multiple "i", "l" and "t" (narrow letters) is not the same length as a text stuffed with "w", "A" or "m", which are much larger letters. "Wide".

When Google has detected that a title is too long, it now replaces it with… part of its URL (internet address)! Provided however that this URL contains keywords. This gives in this case titles of the type: "artificial-html-links-their-days-are-accounts". Not very qualitative, is it?

The only solution to avoid this lumberjack practice: write short titles! And your titles will be unharmed when displayed by Google.

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