Why use an IP telephony in business?
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Why use an IP telephony in business?

IP telephony, also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is one of the advances in technology which is now making its mark on the entrepreneurship market. It is a communication system which makes it possible to communicate (voice or multimedia communication) through the Internet network. It is also a very easy to use means of communication, which is probably one of the reasons why companies are moving towards this new technology. It also has many other advantages and is the most used tool in several fields of activity. Often at IP centrex, the majority of customers ask questions about why businesses should use IP telephony. So, to answer everyone in general, we have come with this article to present to you some advantages of using this famous telephony in business. But, before what is IP telephony?

What is IP telephony?

IP telephony is a telephone communication system in which voice is digitized and transmitted over an Internet network. It is a new mode of communication which appeared on the market only a few years ago and which today is winning the entrepreneurship market thanks to the strategic and economic choice it represents. Let’s now explicitly discover the various advantages that its use represents for companies.

What are the advantages of using IP telephony in business?

Use of IP telephony in business: a reduction in costs

The budget is an important factor in companies. Communication via IP telephony is transmitted over the Internet. This largely allows companies to make huge savings thanks to the reduction of communication bills, especially when the company already has an Internet network. The icing on the cake, communication with IP telephony is unlimited as long as there is an internet network available. Also, this new method of communication allows companies to have access to call transfer and automatic call services which are normally billed by telecom companies. In short, IP telephony is a real source of savings for businesses.

Use of IP telephony in business: possibility of use in full mobility

IP telephony does not require the connection of telephones to lines. The system is so well designed to the point where whoever uses it has the possibility to keep his phone number even when he is mobile. You just need to have a quality Internet connection and communication is fluid. You are therefore free to work wherever you want while using your professional number.

Use of IP telephony in business: communication security

IP telephony is nowadays one of the best communication systems. Indeed, the communication system is so well secured to such an extent that each telephone has a unique IP address which eliminates any fear of a fraudulent connection. It also has an analysis and alarm system that alerts you in the event of hacking or abuse.

Use of IP telephony in business: gain flexibility in linking all devices

IP telephony is a communication system that allows you to make an easy and easy connection of all your devices. Whether it is a fax telephone, fax machine, videoconferencing, computer or any other device essential for your business, you have the possibility of connecting them on the same network. Not only do you have a gain in efficiency, but also you have the ease of making a combination of all your media.

IP centrex for the installation of your IP telephony system

IP centrex offers you quality IP telephony services. In addition to taking care of all your needs in terms of IP telephony (installation, purchase), it provides you with a technology which provides for the hosting of the IPBX, a private telephone exchange using the IP protocol, the "virtual PBX" , on a secure platform. Do not hesitate to contact us via our site to discover the advantages that we represent for you in terms of IP telephony. The use of IP telephony in business nowadays is becoming more and more increased due to its advantages. IP centrex remains the ideal solution for all your VoIP communication needs.

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