Why should the French move towards 5G?
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Why should the French move towards 5G?

 Through 4G technology, we have been able, for many years, to appreciate the multidimensional nature of the Internet. And already, with 5G promising to be imminent, how great would still be the wonders to be discovered! But first, what are the packages to expect with this next dimension? Here, discover a wealth of information that provides you with clear and precise answers on this subject, and much more on 5G in general in France.

 What you need to know about 5G

After the 4 G and even the 4 G +, the 5 G or 5st Generation is the one that will take the reins in the world of mobile internet technology. It promises to be majestic, because the uses that will be made of it are both optimal and innovative.

His characteristics                                                   

As previously stated, 5G is succeeding 4G. If the previous one already reaches speeds of 300 Mb / s, the 5 G, the other, can go from 1 to 100 Gb / s. It will thus greatly exceed the speeds offered by the fiber, which reaches a maximum of 2 Gb / s.

In a practical way, it will facilitate faster access to the internet. The loading of the pages would therefore be done in a snap, and the downloads and uploads very fast. In addition, apart from mobiles, several objects namely houses, robots, etc. will be connected to the net.

How 5G works

You certainly do not see it very well yet, but realize that 5G technology will be up to 10 times faster than 4G. The latter, however, is not so old, how can this system of the? Does 5G work?

The data rate offered by 5G will indeed be practical in two ways. Either the speed of data movement will increase, or the amount of data sent over a wider band will increase.

4G or 5G, which choice to make?

The zoom infra on 5G confirms the best internet access it promises. But to really take advantage of it, you will need not only devices that are compatible with it, but also a specific package. In other words, find in this case a 5G compatible smartphone and afterwards, an area well covered by a 5G network.

5G in France

5G has been announced around the world, and the United States and China are already among the countries that are implementing said technology. As for France, it was scheduled for the end of 2020, but will still take time to reach the entire population. We must therefore expect a gradual implementation. The President of Orange justifies this slowness by confinement; everything will certainly be in place in 2021.

5G packages available from French mobile operators

In accordance with 5G city barometer on Lemon.fr, we will discuss the case of Bouygues Télécom, SFR, Free and Orange.

Bouygues Telecom

Among the incumbent operators, Bouygues Télécom is the only one which, at present, has formalized offers of 5G compatible packages. However, the others are also working on it.

What should also be clarified is that 5G packages are linked to large cities. As a result, it's a bit like each operator has his own city. Bouygues indicated here for example takes Bordeaux into account.

As for its offers, its packages ranging from a price of 26,99 to 54,99 euros per month are with a commitment. You can compare mobile plan offers here.

  In detail we have:

  • The 5G 60 GB package for € 26,99 / month for one year, then € 41,99 / month with a 24-month commitment;
  • The 5 G 90 GB package for € 33,99 / month for 12 months, then € 48,99 / month with a 24-month commitment;
  • The 5 G 120 GB plan for € 54,99 / month for 12 months, then € 69,99 / month with a 24-month commitment.


It is in December 2021 that SFR plans to formalize its offers. After installing its first 5G antenna in 2018, the provider carried out tests to better appreciate its functionality. After that, a number of packages were released.

The first price being 25 € / month for 80 GB, all offers from this operator are with a 12-month commitment. It is after this period that the price increases, for example to 40 € / month for the same package. 

On the other hand, for those used to the SFR Box, the price is rather cheaper, because it is 15 € / month. It goes after to 30 once the 12 months of engagement have passed.


Like SFR, Free has also set up its first branch in France, in Marseille precisely in 2018. As planned, it should launch its first offers towards the end of 2020.

But the administrative requirements with ARCEP have meant that it cannot deploy its Huawei antennas in order to start. As an alternative, he may have to try with the manufacturer Nokia to see the feasibility.

As for prices, Free makes 5G offers at the price of 4G. In other words, its Free Mobile 4G subscribers will benefit from the 5G network without any price increase. What a godsend!


Orange is also this operator who is preparing to settle well in the world of 5G in France. It is in this context that it carries out tests in major French cities, in order to launch packages at affordable prices in early 2021.

All these realities being very interesting, is there no risk with 5G?

Critics of 5G

The effects of 5 G both on health and on the environment are not lacking, negatively speaking of course. Indeed, despite the weakness of scientific knowledge in the matter, the 3,5 GHz waves are discussed. However, telecom professionals first try to get a clear idea of ​​the effects of 4G waves.

The other risk that is the subject of debate is the psychosocial risk. Indeed, with 5G, the consumption of digital data by each individual will be multiplied. In addition, with 5G still taking place, the issue of online security is brought back to the fore. A whole bunch of parameters that will need to be paid close attention.

All in all, 5G in France has a bright future ahead of it. Sufficient evidence of this is the progress made by the various operators in the country, which heralds a new era in this universe. As advances, we must highlight the different packages that promise heavy in France. The competition between operators and afterwards between countries therefore certainly promises to be tough.

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