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Why choose a Soundcore by Anker Life P2i?

Enjoying music wherever you go, and receiving calls on your smartphone independently, is always fun. However, headphones can be bulky, especially wired models. With the advancement of technology, the headphones are currently available in a wireless version, which is very practical and allows us good freedom of movement..

These wireless headphones instantly pair with the phone and allow us to listen to audio music anywhere, receive our calls, without having to hold the device in our hands. The earphone connects via Bluetooth, the Anker brand has recently released a revolutionary wireless earphone, which has received the most positive reviews from users. In this article, let's find out all the information about wireless headphones from the Anker brand: the Soundcore Life P2i. Focus.

The Soundcore Life P2i: the wireless earphone – Bluetooth connection

The evolution of technology and a product amazes users. The Anker brand offers wireless headphones that connect via Bluetooth.

A powerful wireless device for your autonomy

Using the Soundcore Life P2i earphones allows you to have good audio quality, both in calls and when listening to music. With a 28-hour charge autonomy of the battery in the case, important details for users, it is a product that offers more than what is expected of it. If you find yourself running out of battery, a 10-minute charge lets you enjoy your Soundcore Life wirelessly for 1 hour. Also, these devices are equipped with a fast battery charging function.

With a noise reduction option, your voice is easily picked up by the microphones. Using these devices also prevents users from speaking too loudly to be heard, during calls, although there is background noise. The sound quality of these devices is impeccable, the microphones of the P2i wireless Bluetooth headphones are equipped with artificial intelligence that reduces noise. Indeed, the microphones pick up your voice better and allow flawless communication by telephone.

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A product with practical accessories

The case or case of the Soundcore Life Bluetooth from Anker has been designed to be a compact model. Convenient and lightweight, the Soundcore headphones from Anker weigh just 4,4 grams, designed to be used all day long without getting tired. The buds are removable and are available in all sizes: small (S), medium (M), and large (L). The buds therefore adapt easily to your ears, for more comfort.

After pairing the device with your phone for the first time, once the case is opened, the Soundcore Life P2i headphones connect directly to your device.

Since this is an easy-to-use kit, you don't need to have both earbuds on for it to work. Indeed, you can leave one in its case, it does not affect the audio quality or its proper functioning. At this time, the mono function will activate automatically.

The in-ear buds feature two physical sensor points, which allow you to switch and boost bass mode, or switch to podcast mode for calls. Anker's Life P2i Wireless Headphones feature a 10mm driver, allowing you to enjoy your playlist better with unparalleled bass.

Features of the Soundcore Life Anker - Wireless - Bluetooth

With in-ear headphones that fit easily in your ears, the Soundcore Life Anker wireless headphones are water resistant (but not waterproof). These headsets have an IPX5 water resistance rating. Here are the features and specifications of the Anker wireless headphones:

  • Brand: Anker
  • Model: Soundcore Life P2i
  • Black color
  • Wireless technology: connects via Bluetooth
  • Headset charging socket: usb
  • Headphone weight: 4,4 grams
  • Case components: wireless headphones, S, M, and L buds, USB-C cable
  • Data frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Lithium-polymer battery
  • Rechargeable battery

With a stable connection mode between the headphones and your phone, the sound experience is unparalleled with the Soundcore Life P2i. Dual EQ mode for boosted, punchy bass, and podcast mode for clear, crisp vocals. You can switch from one mode to another, thanks to the control buttons located at the end of the two helmets. As soon as the headphones come out of their compact case, they automatically connect. The charging time is fast, allowing you to enjoy up to 28 hours of use. The Soundcore Life Wireless does not have no latency and is offered at an unbeatable price. According to customer reviews, the connectivity is good, and operates independently.

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