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Why choose WooCommerce for your web project?

WooCommerce is the WordPress e-commerce management platform. It currently represents more than 55% of the market for e-commerce platforms worldwide. The tool is used on more than 90% of WordPress e-commerce sites. In France, 25% of online stores use this platform and its various facilities. Discover the advantages of choosing WooCommerce for your web project.

WooCommerce is an open source platform

WooCommerce is a WordPress CMS extension that gives you the ability to quickly create your own online store. The famous e-commerce platform is open source, which means that the source code is public and accessible to everyone. Platform developers and users therefore have extended access to the source code. You can freely and easily download the latter to make changes to the platform as you see fit. This allows you to have more control over the customization of your website. This e-commerce solution offers significant customization margins. WooCommerce being an open source platform, it is completely free.

There are therefore no costs to pay for the purchase of the platform and no subscription to take out for its use. Only hosting and extensions can generate additional costs which will be added to the other costs relating to your website. Thanks to the large community of developers that the platform has, it will not be difficult to find a WooCommerce specialist agency to carry out your e-commerce website creation project. Not only will this make your life easier, but you will get a quality online store that is above all adapted to the different needs of your business. Due to the open source nature of the platform, there is a need for a number of developments to be performed and features to be added as there is an increase in trading volume.

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WooCommerce is a friendly and easy to use extension

If WooCommerce is one of the most used open source e-commerce solutions in the world, it's good because of its flexibility, user-friendliness and ease of use. The management interface of this solution is indeed very user-friendly. It is quite flexible and easy to grip, which makes it much easier to use. WooCommerce features are also very intuitive. This solution provides you with all the elements necessary for the implementation of your e-shop. WooCommerce being a simple plugin, the solution is super easy to set up and configure.

The extension connects to the user's WordPress platform like any other CMS plugin. Simply search WooCommerce on the plugins page and then click on install and activate. Once the extension is activated, a configuration wizard is displayed and guides you through the various stages of starting it. You can then buy a theme or download it for free and start adding some products that can be categorized.

From your WordPress board, you can directly access current orders, various information about your products, shipping settings and inventory tracking. The plug-in WooCommerce being specially designed for WordPress, users of this CMS will have no difficulty understanding how its interface works. No need to have extensive knowledge of web development to successfully manage the operations of your online store. The platform is therefore suitable for both beginners and much more technical profiles.

Many plugins and extensions for WooCommerce

Open source platform taking advantage of all the power of the WordPress CMS, WooCommerce gives you the opportunity to access an unimaginable amount of plugins and extensions not included. The complementary plugins and extensions offered by WooCommerce contribute to the development of your online store thanks to the series of improvements and implementations they offer. By installing these plugins and extensions, you add a lot of features that you need to your online store.

You will find extensions and plugins for creating your product sheets, managing taxes, online payment, shipping, sending newsletter, etc. You can also download WooCommerce extensions and plugins for the management of invoices, languages ​​and currencies, for customer service (live chat, after-sales service) and the logistical follow-up of your customers' orders. The choice of extensions and plugins is very wide. Many of these extensions are completely free. Other complementary plugins are paying. The prices are nevertheless quite affordable and are for the most part well below other solutions available on the market.

WooCommerce: a large community of developers and users

The WooCommerce community is undeniably one of the greatest assets of this platform. WooCommerce indeed has a large community of users, developers and partners who can help you when you encounter a problem. Just like WordPress, WooCommerce relies on shared developer resources around the world. They are continually developing new features for the entire community. These are intended to meet very specific needs and thus provide effective solutions to the most complex problems. The WooCommerce community is active and dynamic. It is one of the fastest growing e-commerce communities.

More than 80 meeting groups are listed worldwide and WooCommerce events are regularly organized. Forums and websites exclusively dedicated to the platform also exist. A large community is also present in France and there are important mutual aid and sharing platforms such as WooFrance. There are also large, highly responsive discussion groups on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn that allow exchanges between members. By opting for WooCommerce for your website, you have the opportunity to share your experiences and your questions with a community of passionate users, partners and developers gathered around the same objective.

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WooCommerce is a reliable and secure platform

When transactions must be carried out and customer data collected and stored, it is essential for the company to have a well-secured site. WooCommerce is an efficient, reliable and highly secure e-commerce solution. It offers its many users a number of built-in security features. The creators of the WordPress plugin are accompanied by online security experts. The security modules are regularly updated. This ensures that your online store is optimally protected. To maintain the security of your e-commerce site, however, you must choose a reliable web host, obtain an SSL certificate and keep yourself informed of the various security patches.

WooCommerce: an affordable cost

WooCommerce is an affordable solution for anyone who wants to launch their online store. The plugin is completely free, as are many of its add-on extensions and plugins. The significant expenses that you will have to make will only concern the hosting of the site, the purchase of the domain name and the strengthening of the security of your online business. This cost will increase if you choose to add paid solutions such as extensions or specific themes to personalize your online store a little more. With this WordPress plugin, you can make significant savings without compromising on the quality of your e-commerce site. Compared to other platforms, WooCommerce is therefore an economical solution and very advantageous for companies.

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