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Why can't a website cost 200 €?

Your ambition is to provide your company with its website and thus establish its presence on the internet, but you are slightly lost in the face of all the offers you may have received and also by the different prices. We will try to explain to you why a quality site cannot be offered for a relatively low price.

Tariffs for "webmasters"

First of all, it is important to define the professionals necessary for the creation of a website, which is why we invite you to read our article on the concept of webmaster.

Now that you know the skills required for the creation of your website, we will try to make a quick calculation to have an estimate of the hourly rate of a webmaster.

We will start on the basis that the webmaster plans to earn 1600 € per month, which, for a person with multiple skills, is not necessarily very ambitious.

As a webmaster is independent, he must therefore manage the accounting part (invoices, quotes, etc.) as well as the commercial part (prospecting, appointment, exhibition, etc.) but also his training (upgrading, monitoring of developments, etc.). ). In addition, there is also the absence of paid holidays. All these elements must therefore be integrated when calculating the hourly rate of the webmaster. This is why it is accepted that a webmaster only invoices on average 3 working days per week.

To these various ancillary activities are also added the charges (local, telephone, internet, computers, software, etc.) as well as the taxes to which it is subject, in the end it is considered that it "loses" approximately 50% of what it is. 'he charges.

With all of this information, we can calculate the hourly rate of the webmaster:

(3 days of work / week) x (4 weeks / month) x (8h / day) = 3x4x8 = 96h of work per month.

His charges and taxes represent approximately 50% of what he earns so he has to invoice € 3200 in the month to get € 1600 net as salary.

With the monthly invoice amount, we can calculate our hourly rate: 3200/96 = 33 € per hour.

This hourly rate will be considered for the majority of professionals in the trade as "low" because it is below the national average. Indeed, we must consider that a monthly salary of 1600 € for a person with various skills (customer relations, canvassing, programming, project management, etc.) is a relatively low salary. To this is also added the location of the webmaster, depending on the regions / basins, life is +/- expensive. Of course, the professional's experience will, as with any profession, have an impact on the hourly rate thereof.

With a targeted hourly rate, the creation of a website for 200 € would therefore correspond to 6 hours of work. Now it's up to you to judge the relevance and quality that a complete site can have (graphics, development and text integration) produced in less than a day's work.

So why the 200 € website creation offers?

We can define 2 causes that would push webmasters to offer this type of price:

Activity launch - beginner webmaster

When launching a company, the best solution to find customers for a web agency where a webmaster is to find is to offer his prospects many references. This may therefore explain the low prices.

The primary concern of a quality webmaster should, and must, be designing a website that meets your needs and goals.

When the primary goal is to acquire new references quickly, the reference will take precedence over the quality of your project. The professional will tend not to point out to you the inconsistencies of your project and to advise you in order to correct certain points.

You should also know that a website is obliged to evolve over time frequently at more or less short periods depending on the sector of activity in order to meet the requirements and the evolution of your customers. . By calling on a beginner webmaster, you run the risk of stopping your activity a few months after the launch of your site. Indeed, as for all freelancers, the first year of activity is often synonymous with discouragement due to too few clients and an inappropriate salary.

An unsuitable site owned by the webmaster

Some webmasters develop their own tools in order to create websites in a few hours, we advise you to avoid this type of service if you want to offer a personalized website that meets your needs.

Although fast, the creation of simplistic sites is quickly limited when it comes to adding additional tools. These ad hoc modifications will be quite expensive, often going so far as to exceed the price of the design of the website itself.

In order to generate enough income this kind of webmaster must:

  • Or accumulate a large number of customers thus leaving a reduced time for the project of each. The wait for modifications and additions will then be quite long, as would be a troubleshooting on your site in the event of failure or error.
  • Either charge for additions and modifications to your site having a cost greater than the value of your site. Also be careful to define with the webmaster the termination of files and rights relating to the website so that it belongs to you. There are many cases where the cost of a hosting renewal is greater than the creation of the site. As the files on the site are not available to the customer, they are forced to renew their contract at an exorbitant price or otherwise lose their site.

A site must meet constraints and objectives

The realization of a website is a project which therefore takes a certain period of time ranging from a few weeks to several months. The selected service provider should understand the challenges, constraints and objectives of your project. All the stages of your website must be thought out and carried out by the competent people.

If you want to create a website, we invite you to contact us in order to carry out a free website creation quote and thus identify together the issues related to your website project.

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