When crypto lands in the SEO world!
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When crypto lands in the SEO world

Search engine positioning has become a fundamental building block for the success of an online business or website. This is why the demand for SEO agencies has exploded in recent years.

Everyone wants to appear in the top results of Google and attract organic traffic. And lately, a last novelty has come to integrate the world of SEO agencies : this is payment in cryptocurrency. Let's discover together the many advantages of this new payment method for agencies and for customers!

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Just look at the course of Ethereum or Bitcoin to understand that virtual currencies will soon invade all sectors. And SEO agencies are no exception to the rule. Indeed, more and more companies are offering customers to pay for their SEO services in cryptocurrencies. Why ? Quite simply, because this new method of payment has many advantages.

From payments without geographic restrictions, to irreversible transactions, here are some of the advantages of paying for SEO services in cryptocurrencies. Imagine that you are in Latin America and want to hire an SEO agency in Europe, how can you pay by being on the other side of the sea? While there are payment processors like PayPal, they do charge a fee and require credit card validation.

If we are talking about international bank transfers, it gets worse. On the other hand, if you do it with cryptocurrencies, you don't have to confirm or wait for financial institutions. Transactions are executed instantly, with no geographic restrictions or additional costs.


One of the most interesting features of cryptocurrency payments is the speed of transactions. Indeed, cryptocurrency transactions only take a few seconds, and in the worst case, minutes. They appear instantly in the account of the person or company, who receives the cryptocurrency. If we compare it to bank accounts, where the money is sometimes held for several days, it is obviously better.


This is an important point. When you pay with payment processors, cards or wire transfers, there is always something going on: waiting for confirmation, canceled transaction, etc.

With cryptocurrencies, this does not happen. Once you send them, there is no possibility that others will change the operations. This is thanks to blockchain technology, which is the backbone of cryptocurrencies, where each transaction is recorded and cannot be changed without breaking the entire record (which is impossible).

All transactions with cryptocurrency are confidential. The identity is not revealed at any time. The agency cannot know who is carrying out the transaction, nor the name, identity card, etc. We must not wait for validation from third parties and intermediaries either. All payments are completely secure.


If you do a quick research, you'll find that traditional payment processors, while they work (in most cases), are demonized for their high commissions.

In each transaction, there are commissions that easily exceed 4 euros depending on the amount. Not to mention international transactions, whose operations involve high costs and even taxes.

If you have the option of not paying a fee, it's worth it, isn't it? This is precisely what cryptocurrencies offer. They do not involve additional costs which can leave gaps in your budget.

In conclusion, virtual currencies are entering the SEO world and they are not about to stop!

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