What is Look Around on Apple Maps?
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What is Look Around on Apple Maps?

Apple Maps is a very handy navigation app and Google Map alternative for iOS users, but you might not know all of its features. So what is the handy Look Around option?

It's hard to think back to a time when we didn't all have instant access to GPS mapping technology in our pocket because it's so useful that many of us use it every day. iPhone users might be especially familiar with Apple Maps, and it's an app that's packed with useful little features to make your life easier when navigating somewhere new.

On this feature is Look Around. This ditches the traditional two-dimensional top-down view of a map for an interactive 3-dimensional version that allows you to virtually roam and navigate the streets, almost as if you were walking around in person. If you are familiar with Google Maps, it is very similar to the Street View mode of this application.

If you want to try this feature, which arrived with iOS 13, first know that it is not available in all cities around the world, so unfortunately you may not have access to this mode in your piece. You can view the full list of compatible cities and locations by following this link to Apple's website.

However, when available, you can simply click on the binoculars icon at the bottom of a map and you can look around.

When you're in this immersive mode, you can pan left or right by sliding your finger across the screen, move forward by tapping the screen in any direction you want, and you can zoom in or out pinching the screen.

You can also toggle fullscreen mode on or off so you can view the standard map at the same time (by clicking the expand/collapse icon), or toggle labels on or off if you want to choose between a natural look of the local landmarks or a more informative version (by clicking on the eye icon).

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