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What is a webmaster?

The professions necessary for the design of a website

In order to define what a webmaster is and his areas of expertise, we must first quickly list the main professions necessary for the creation of a website:

  • The graphic designer is the professional who will design the models (graphic design proposals) of your future website.
  • The integrator will integrate, as its name suggests, the chosen model to your site in order to personalize it and create its structure.
  • The developer is the “matheu” of the group, he develops the code necessary for the operation of the website as well as the tailor-made tools according to the requirements of the project.
  • The editor writes the texts for your website and advises you on the marketing side of the website.

We usually find each of his web professionals in any digital agency worthy of the name. Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list of the professions necessary for the realization of your website, other professionals can be added, according to the needs and according to the level of expertise requested: the photographer, the flash developer (animation), the SEO, the video team (cameraman, actors, screenwriter, etc.), etc.

The multi-skill webmaster

As you will have noted, none of these people is defined as "webmaster", indeed the notion of webmaster is supposed to define a professional authorized to create websites in their entirety. It is therefore rarely a single person (except in rare cases and projects) but rather a professional capable of bringing together the personnel necessary for the development of the site and of making them collaborate. We will then define this professional as "project manager" rather than webmaster.

To conclude, a webmaster is a professional cumulating 2 or 3 inevitable skills when it comes to the design of a website. Very often the webmaster develops his new skills in parallel with his original area of ​​expertise. There are therefore webmasters with the dual skills of developer and integrator, graphic designer and integrator, writer and SEO, etc.

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