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What are the steps to create a lead generator website?

Leads are essential to boost a company's turnover. These are the potential customers for your products or services. To generate leads, a website needs to be beautiful and functional, but that's not all. So, if you want to achieve it, here are the steps you can take to turn your website into a lead factory.

Create a quality site to attract leads

Your website needs to meet certain requirements. For example, you should know that more than half of visitors will consult it on mobile. It is therefore essential that it is responsive. In other words, the display must adapt to the size of the screen of the person viewing it.

It should also save the Internet user time. The fact that it can load in a fraction of a second is a great way to increase the conversion rate. There are many ways to achieve this: optimize images, use up-to-date technologies, develop content, etc.

Its design must also be well worked to be both aesthetic and functional. For the creation of an effective website to generate leads, it is best to call on a professional specializing in the matter.

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Define your buyer persona

This is the basis of any marketing strategy. Defining your customer profile allows you to know their expectations and guide your actions as best as possible, in terms of content for example. This is the typical portrait of your ideal client, which must be designed taking into account socio-demographic, behavioral and psychological factors. It is therefore not a single individual, but a set of customers sharing the same profile.

Focus on the content of your site

After having worked on the form of your site, you should not neglect the content, that is to say the content. The search engines analyze it to direct or not the Internet users towards your site. It is therefore important to have a site capable of attracting qualified leads thanks to its content.

If the content is just a succession of empty keywords, you can be sure that it will not appear on the first page. To improve his SEO, it is necessary choose the right keywords according to internet users' research.

It is also advisable to vary its content and publish it regularly, with blog articles, user guides, etc. It must of course be of quality. It should also be related to your field of activity and should be useful, informative and entertaining. Also promote quality external links to attract more visitors.

Lead generator website creation

Set up conversion forms

Conversion forms allow you to know your visitors and turn them into leads. You can ask them to fill it out so that you can view premium content for free. He then advised to place it in the middle of the article, so that they could read the rest.

They can also fill out a form with their contact details in exchange for an e-book, a case study, a white paper, a guide, or even a comparison. However, you must be careful to offer simple and short forms.

Do not neglect the SEO of your site

SEO is based on different parameters:

  • The contents : it must be rich and regular, be well constructed with quality images;
  • The technical aspect : with a quality code, an optimized display, a reduced loading time, etc. ;
  • Notoriety : this implies that your site is cited on other platforms, as a reference.

These different factors will push Google to put it forward.

Multiply conversion points to get leads

Do not hesitate to set up different conversion points on your site by offering your visitors the possibility of obtaining a free estimate, by offering an appointment with an expert, or by chatting in real time with an advisor.

Take advantage of all means at your disposal to convert them. As such, the presence on Social networks is not to be neglected either.

Analyze the actions of your website

It is also advisable to regularly analyze the actions implemented to make corrections and adjustments if necessary. The advantage of a website is that it can be analyzed from top to bottom. So don't hesitate to determine the pages that work best, the most downloaded and shared content, the time spent on your website, the effectiveness of the call-to-action, etc.

Highlight customer testimonials to get leads

Before using your services or purchasing your products, most visitors will first go to the testimonials page of former customers to reassure themselves in their decision-making. Many then choose to put them forward, by placing them on the home page. It is also possible to enhance them by displaying the logos of the companies that have called on you, etc.

You can even go further, by presenting video formats for example. You therefore have the keys in hand to create a website capable of generating a maximum of leads.

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