What are the 3 best fonts for business cards?
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What are the 3 best fonts for business cards?

With the changing world and communication strategies, business cards have ended up spreading across the planet like a grain of salt. To be well positioned and grow your business, having a good business card is essential and it must be lined with at least one of the best fonts out there. Find out about the best fonts to use for your business cards below.

The importance of business cards in the professional world

Since antiquity, a business card has been an important communication symbol especially in French culture. It marked the transition from a playful moment to a ceremonial moment in the society of yesteryear. It is therefore important for you and your business toget quality business cards to develop your visibility in the world. Business cards are a kind of advertising poster that thanks to their shape and design advertise you to your prospect. With a business card, your community or anyone else can find you, learn about you, and advertise by word of mouth. They are likely to be interested in your services, use them and if possible offer you short or long term partnerships.

The criteria for choosing fonts on a business card

The most impactful details on a business card are the design, font, and text. All fonts have their specific context of use, but some are inappropriate for making business cards. Because of this, a good business card font can stand out in a number of ways.

The content to be written on the card

All the texts that will go on your card must be classified to be better treated. Indeed, it is usually information such as the name of the company, its founder and the slogan. As a result, we have the main information that concerns the company and secondary information such as the slogan and references on social networks. Whatever the information, you can choose a font with serifs since they help to read quickly. The serifs constitute the various decorative lines which embellish a font. The most suitable fonts for this type of information are Atmirage, Bree, Futura Book and Dadactic Gothic. For secondary texts, sans serif fonts will also do the trick to get out of the monotony. You can choose the three best fonts among Athelas Rg, Bevan, Bookman JF and Baskerville to suit your taste like. Main information like the name of the company can be kept in serif fonts. Whatever the information, you can choose a font with serifs since they help to read quickly.

The visual aspect of the card

If the business card lacks authenticity, lightness and visual clarity, it will be an unnecessary investment for the business in question. You need to carefully analyze what you want to share on the business card to choose the appropriate fonts. The Avenir, Calibri, Baskerville, Courrier, Montserrat, Din, Times new roman, Didot fonts are also some of the best business card fonts. However, it is advisable to associate them with care to have a better visual harmony. First, when designing your business card, use a maximum of 2 different fonts to add value to your business. Be careful not to use only one font category on your cards. You will need to alternate between sans serif fonts and serif fonts. Then, the color contrast between the fonts and the card glass color must be perfectly chosen. This is to facilitate the legibility of the writings and by extension the reading to the holders of said card. Finally, your top 3 colors must meet the above criteria before you will be able to use them. It will also be easier for you to identify your top 3 of the best fonts with these tips. In summary, all of the top best fonts are eligible to be used for your business cards. It's up to you to know which one fits with the philosophy and prestige of your company.

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