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Website creation: 3 points to clarify with your agency

The creation of a website is essential to optimize the activities of a company. To save time and obtain a professional result, the ideal is to entrust this mission to a web agency specialized. Before starting the stages of creation of the site, it is necessary in particular to carry out a creative brief upstream. The goal: to clarify certain points of your project. In this article, discover three fundamental points to clarify with your website creation agency.

Check the capacity of your web agency to meet your needs

La design of a professional website is a fairly complex project to carry out. However, with the assistance of a website creation agency, you can easily obtain a result that meets your requirements. To be sure to choose the best web agency, take into account the following parameters:

  • Experience
  • Notoriety
  • The references
  • The know-how

You must remember one important thing: on your choices depend the quality, content and SEO of your site.

Indeed, the lack of precision can give you a bad experience. Worse yet, you could waste time and money. To overcome this problem, clearly define your different needs before entrust your website creation project to a specialized agency.

First thing to do: determine your objectives, your targets, your values ​​as well as your strengths compared to the competition. Then, make known the specifics of your content. It is the same for the graphic charter of your site. It will also be necessary to confirm the services to be performed. Does your web agency use templates? The easiest solution would be to choose from the pre-set models. She excels in the creation of a tailor-made website ? In this case, establish specifications, with a larger budget.

Find out about the technologies that your web agency masters and uses

Creating a website is a long-term investment. To get good results, every page should be both modern and scalable. It is for this reason that website creation agencies often use different tools and use different methods. The goal: to offer quality sites that perfectly meet customer needs.

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Often, web developers use an already existing base to create sites. Those CMS tools allow them to save a considerable amount of time. Your task is therefore to verify that the technology used is suitable for your project. Of course, a web agency that uses a particular tool must master it perfectly. The price of your investment can thus be reduced considerably if the technology used can provide you with a site that meets your expectations in terms of design and functionality.

For example, we particularly appreciate Drupal and WordPress for their free and customization options. On the other hand, these open source software require regular updates. The same goes for their extensions, also called plug-ins. It will also be necessary to ensure efficient maintenance. Which is not the case with Cloud site creation software. Because these software solutions are fairly new, however, they are less recommended.

Learn about the work methodology of your web agency

Each web agency has its own organization and its own work schedule for the creation of a website. Make sure this methodology fits your project perfectly. Otherwise, it can quickly degrade your relationship with your provider. A poorly explained methodology or an unclear schedule can lead to various disputes and possibly to the cancellation of the project.

More concretely, before launch the web creation project, ask the agency what its working method is. This process will allow you to better understand the progress of your project.

In general, the creation of a website is carried out in several stages, including graphic design. The agency will then offer you several wireframes or modified models based on your feedback. The service provider can then:

  • proceed with the technical development of your site,
  • perform the configurations and settings with the servers,
  • create domain names,
  • perform optimizations for SEO,
  • have the rendering checked,
  • put the site online.

Some of these operations are carried out jointly with you, while others will be carried out independently by your web agency. In all cases, a professional web agency will accompany you from the start to the end of the process of creating your website.

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