Videos and social media: how to maximize your impact
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Videos and social media: how to maximize your impact

It is undeniable that videos are increasingly present on social networks. Their use is a must for any company or person wishing to optimize their digital content strategy. But how do you create effective videos for social networks? Here are some practical and technical tips to help you.

Why are videos so important in social media?

Internet users love watching and sharing interesting and informative videos. Videos are also widely used by companies as a marketing tool to promote their products or services. The reason is simple: videos allow us to support our points, clearly and precisely, while visually stimulating our audience. In addition, they offer real interactivity between the public and the user. Therefore, standing out with successful video content can be a key vector for perform on social networks.

Adopt the codes specific to each social network


Facebook is the social network par excellence where videos are very successful. “Facebook Lives”, in particular, are growing in popularity because they allow live interaction with the public. On this platform, favor short and engaging videos, with catchy titles and easily readable subtitles. This will make people want to stop on your video as they scroll through their feed.


On Instagram, stories and post videos are now essential to captivate your audience. Try to create short, punchy scenes that will instantly capture the viewer's attention. In addition, don't forget to take care of the visual quality of your videos and also be sure to share quality instagram story. Videos on IGTV (Instagram's long-form platform) can be more informative and elaborate, without straying too far from your world and the expectations of your community.


The short maximum duration of videos on Twitter makes them an ideal format for small information capsules, testimonials or other engaging and informative content. Prefer subtitled videos, like on Facebook, for better accessibility and understanding of your content.

Master some essential technical rules

For your videos to be well received by your subscribers, it is essential to respect some basic technical rules relating to sound, image, formatting and captions. Consider in particular:

  • Film in landscape or square format, depending on the social network and the objective of the video
  • Choose a suitable resolution to avoid any blur or pixelation
  • Ensure good audio quality by using suitable microphones
  • Achieve a good video intro to quickly capture the viewer's attention
  • Add captions or subtitles to improve the understanding and accessibility of your content

Adapt the tone of the video to the target

The success of a video on social networks does not only depend on its technical quality. One of the most important aspects is to successfully convey a message that speaks to your audience. You will therefore need to adapt the tone, rhythm and energy of your video according to the expectations of your subscribers.

Leverage analytics tools to measure your performance

Finally, it is crucial to measure the performance of your videos in order to identify the key elements of success and areas for improvement. Social media platforms often offer statistical data about their users, including total views, comments, shares and likes. Use this information to adjust your content strategy and maximize the impact of your videos.

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