Hyper-realistic cop simulator Unrecord goes viral
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Hyper-realistic cop simulator Unrecord goes viral

The Bodycam Unrecord shooter recently released a new trailer, and it's breaking the internet for a bunch of different reasons.

When developer Alexandre Spindler originally shared footage of a hyper-realistic "bodycam"-like game he was working in, headlines swept the headlines and people quickly noticed its eerie tone and extraordinarily photorealistic look. Recently, the game was officially announced as Unrecord, and there's a new trailer that's been making some serious waves in the gaming space.

Perhaps most notable about Unrecord is its photorealistic look. Games like Cyberpunk 2077 look amazing, and it's certainly impressive what's possible with modern graphics, but Unrecord is going for a hyper-realistic look, and with the technology offered by Unreal Engine 5, well, it's very possible to create a game that is, at a glance, indistinguishable from the real thing. Even if you look closely, a game like Unrecord is hard to tell looks like a video game.

The above, however, combines with something else that's making headlines: Unrecord is a shooter where you play as a police officer and see the world through the lens of a body camera. When you juxtapose this premise with the hyper-realistic look of the game, the game has had a lot of mixed feelings for some. Beyond the basic concept of the game, however, there are other concerns about the game.

Part of the reason the game feels so realistic is the way the camera moves, the way the character moves, and the way the physics are handled. All of these elements are incredibly realistic, but many have expressed concerns about how well it feels to play: many wonder if it just looks amazing as a proof of concept or if it will actually be an engaging gaming experience.

Nevertheless, Unrecord deserves some attention, if only to use it as a reference for your new GPU. Unfortunately, the game is still currently in pre-production by a small independent team, and no release date or even release window has been announced. Simply put, we expect to wait a while before this drops and the world has a chance to actually play it.

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