EE's limited-time Xbox Series S deal is too good to miss
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EE's limited-time Xbox Series S deal is too good to miss

There's a very limited offer on a top-rated and already great value Xbox Series S starter pack, priced at just £236,55 (with limited timecode), down from its previous usual price £249.

The Series S is one of the most in-demand consoles, launching just three years ago, and today may be your best chance to score a good saving if you're considering purchasing one thanks to this Xbox Series S starter pack on EE, with three months of Game Pass Ultimate added.

Simply find the product on the EE Store site and get 5% off the purchase of an Xbox Series S Starter Pack when you use the code '5GAMEDAYEE' at the register. This also applies to larger gaming consoles and may not be as high a percentage discount as some discounts seen this month, but for a device that's already good value for money, it could be a real break for some.

Xbox Series S Starter Pack Deal

The Xbox Series S was already a great deal for next-gen gamers, but now you can get it for an even lower price thanks to EE's limited-time discount.

  • EE
  • Use code 5GAMEDAYEE
  • Now £ 236,55

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The Xbox Series S launched in November 2020 alongside the Series X. Its key features include faster loading times and refined performance. As for this starter pack, the three months of Game Pass Ultimate included as part of this purchase offer the ability to play hundreds of high-quality games, play online console multiplayer, and be a member of 'EA Play. This normally costs £12,99 per month.

We were impressed in our review of the Series S, rating it 4,5/5, thanks to its major performance improvement over the Xbox One S, as well as its small, sleek design and to its great reduction in loading times.

We also praised the value for money given the specifications on offer, which are further improved by this additional 5% EE saving.

While it's not perfect thanks to its relatively small storage, the positives far outweigh the negatives of this product.

So if you're in the market for a Series S, this could be a great opportunity to buy one. With the deal expiring tomorrow, this might be your best chance to grit your teeth and treat yourself to a Series S before the price goes back up.

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