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The technical aspect of a good trading app in 2023

Choosing your Bitcoin trading application is not always easy when you are new to the field. Type "app broker" on Google, and you will see that the results are counted in the thousands. We will therefore help you identify the main technical criteria that will help you make your choice in this "jungle".

Interface and content

The most important point is the interface. An interface that is both simple and complete, will allow you to get all the information you need without having to scroll for hours and go through each tab. A good interface is one that allows you to understand quickly and allows you to make a decision at a glance.

Make sure, in fact, that the catalog offered by the broker on its application is the same as on the site, in particular with crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. Make sure that every asset and asset class is represented, especially if you are an investor who likes to diversify.

Finally, it is ideal to successfully find an application that offers different tools, such as charts and benchmarks. These are almost always available on brokers' websites. It is a significant plus if they are also available on the application of the latter.

Inside your mobile

Speed, let's talk about it. What could be more annoying than a loading time between two clicks? The application you choose must be responsive and faster than you. A reaction time of less than 1 second is perfectly suitable, for example. Ideally, the action should be taken as soon as you click.

Then comes the size of the app. This should not be too "heavy". You don't want an app that will take up so much space that you won't be able to install anything else on your mobile. So pay attention to the size of it before downloading it.

Finally, keep an eye on your phone's battery and data consumption. It would be a shame to exhaust your 4 or 5G plan because of an application. Similarly, it would be unfortunate to consume half of your battery just for a trading application.


It is essential to be demanding when choosing your trading app. It will follow you everywhere and will become your best ally in everyday life. It is therefore necessary to choose an application which, above all, will really please you. This will give you the best possible Bitcoin trading experience.

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