The main features of an MDM solution
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The main features of an MDM solution

Current information systems which are based on a set of software elements prove to be complex. In order to ensure the efficiency of your processes, it is necessary that the reference data available to you is complete and free from reproach. It is at this level that Master Data Management finds all its usefulness. What are the different functionalities offered by an MDM solution? This article will tell you more about the subject.

Justification and elimination of data

The volumes of data to be managed today are huge. However, it is important to find a way to organize them for the development of your activities. To achieve this, the MDM solution from Semarchy is a very advantageous alternative because of the many interesting features it offers.

With this tool, you will be able to discover errors, clean up duplicates and eliminate duplicates present in your business data. The advantage with these operations is that they will allow you to have more reliable information. MDM therefore aims to promote data accuracy and reliability.

Risk analysis and data planning

The MDM solution also helps you to map your data. It is used to specify the importance of your data and to organize the information in a relevant way. The advantage of this feature is that it allows you to control the path of your data and to determine the possible problems which you will be confronted with. You can therefore anticipate and resolve them.

Quality control

The accuracy and quality of data are necessary for business processes to properly use the information. It is also important that they meet their expectations so that they can use them. The MDM solution allows you to control the level of quality and interest that you can place in the data at your disposal. It is also useful for describing the information path.

Concentration of the data lifecycle

MDM is a tool that helps control the data lifecycle. Their creation, modification and deletion are grouped operations in your solution. This centralization is important because it promotes the traceability of information and its understanding. With the monitoring offered by your Master Data Management, you can even guarantee data compliance.

Managing user profiles

MDM has a feature that controls access to data by different users. Reading, modifying and deleting items are operations that can be performed depending on the status of the contributors. Taking into account the role they occupy, they will even be able to reach the processes.

What are the advantages of an MDM solution?

The various functionalities offered by the MDM solution are interesting for better information management. By using it, you will benefit from many advantages.

Simplification of information management in the system

With the accumulation of data, it is normal for repetitions to appear in your system. The volumes then increase and it can become complicated to manage all the information. This is the whole point of using an MDM solution like Semarchy xDM.

It eliminates redundant elements and standardizes data processing. Master Data Management will also help you achieve better storage and simplify the architecture of the information system.

Compliance with current regulations

Within companies, the issue of data compliance is recurring. Whether they relate to sectoral or global standards, the conventions to be considered are diverse and rigorous. When they are not sufficiently respected or updated, it can lead to the inadequacy of your data flow. The immediate consequence is the loss of credibility of your business.

By using an MDM like Semarchy xDM, you will ensure that your data complies with the regulations in force.

Saving time

Apart from the optimal use of data, Master Data Management saves time. In reality, when data is poorly mastered, it can require time-consuming and tedious interventions. By using a high-performance solution, you will be able to concentrate on the value-added tasks of your structure.

All in all, MDM is of great importance for better data management in companies. In order to promote the development of your activity, you must think about selecting a solution adapted to your needs.

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