The importance of choosing the right domain name
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The importance of choosing the right domain name

As you probably know it is the combination of several factors that make it possible to appear on the first page of search engine results. The list is so long that we cannot cite them all. It is also almost impossible to strictly comply with all the SEO criteria.

Aside from the relevant content and the mesh of your site pages, know that the domain name is a big lever that allows excellent indexing on search engines. Let's discover together the importance of the domain name.

Why is choosing the right domain name important?

You know that by launching yourself on the internet you will need notoriety and this is a very popular and determining factor these days when it comes to search engine positioning. People need to be able to identify you with it. And this is where we notice the usefulness of the domain name.

Indeed, the domain name allows you to be recognized by browsers, but also by many Internet users. To do this, the domain name must reflect a very professional image and must be chosen from domain name providers who make sure to provide you with domain names that meet their criteria.

Impact of the domain name associated with the brand on Internet users?

When you use the brand name to define the domain name you get a low bounce rate because the visitor can immediately identify the content of your site. The fact that your brand name appears in the domain name also boosts the brand image and allows you to create an identity for your business that will be strong enough for visitors.

Having a domain name linked to your brand increases the retention rate exponentially. And you know that a good retention rate is a determining factor for SEO.

Also choosing a good extension corresponding to the activity of the company is also a good thing even if the extensions are not taken into account by the search engines.

The plugin can still increase the click-through rate if the engines consider the consistency between the language used on your site, the one you used to formulate the query and the one you used for indexing.

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