The importance of analyzing online customer reviews
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The importance of analyzing online customer reviews

The increasing use of the Internet as the main communication channel now allows different customers to share their opinions on any brand or service. Adopting an active listening strategy with an in-depth analysis of your customers' opinions is undeniable for the reputation of your company. This is what will allow you to better measure and improve the commitment and loyalty of your customers.

Handling online customer reviews

Analyzing all customer reviews helps to better understand what consumers think of your brand, products or services. Marketers process feedback to gather valuable insights into how a customer perceives their experience with a retailer. To do this, you must first determine whether the majority of these opinions are rather negative or positive. On the other hand, it is important to analyze your company's image and reputation during an online crisis situation. Thus, you will be able to adapt new communication strategies in order to respond to concerns raised by customers.

Identify the most important notices

The user experience and the interactions with your brand or your company are aspects that consumers retain most often. In particular, when it is an extremely positive or negative experience. So try to identify the most important reviews to collect key information, which allows you to improve the customer experience and strengthen their loyalty.

See how to respond to customer reviews by your competitors

Information from your competitors' responses to customer reviews can also be used to perform industry benchmark analysis. Knowing your own positioning and performance relative to these competitors will allow you to more effectively refine your business strategies. You can therefore compare your market share, as well as the performance of your products, to those of your competitors. Through this, you also have the possibility to compare the level of satisfaction and dissatisfaction associated with your brand compared to that associated with your competitors.

Implementation of actions to respond to customer requests

Putting in place concrete actions to be able to respond objectively to customer opinions is essential in a commercial strategy. Remember to highlight the main points for improvement and identify the causes of customer dissatisfaction. Your customer service must be responsive to respond in the most appropriate way to each request. Even if the development of new products is your priority, knowing how to analyze online consumer reviews is of paramount importance. In addition, it gives your R&D teams the opportunity to develop products that meet customer expectations and needs.

Stock analysis with KPI indicators

It is evident that analyzing customer reviews allows marketers to create content that not only differs from its competitors, but is also tailored to the needs and concerns of their target audience. Such an analysis is generally based on well-defined KPI indicators, such as:

  • NPS (Net Promoter): used to assess the degree of customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • CES (Customer Effort Score): studies the intensity of the effort of the customer when he contacts your company.
  • CSAT (Customer Satisfaction): allows you to analyze the satisfaction survey after a customer return.

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