The impact of content quality on SEO
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The impact of content quality on SEO

Le SEO or natural referencing consists in the strict application of a multitude of techniques and very precise methods to improve the place of its site in the results of searches on Google.

With time and the development of the number one search engine algorithm, things got more complex and it became necessary to learn about advanced SEO strategies or let an SEO professional take care of it.

Set up an SEO tactic

Le SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a real field of optimization for Google. The goal is quite simple in theory: do everything to please the search engine so that it judges your site or your web pages attractive and that they place them at the very beginning of the page during a targeted search by Internet users. . This will ensure regular visits to your site and effectively promote your business. It's a bit like an advertising campaign, but much more effective and relevant. The results are indeed adjusted to best correspond to the research carried out.

Your goal, once your site is launched and even preferably before it is launched, is to plan a real SEO strategy to start your business as quickly as possible. Of course, the results will always be delayed, natural referencing putting in place techniques that act in the long term, you will obtain long-term effects that will last over time.

There is of course a whole plethora of methods that can prove to be effective, but, with the experience and knowledge accumulated on the subject, one of them mainly stood out and was even confirmed by the management of Google: the quality of your content.

The quality of the content directly impacts your SEO

The content of your site, whether it is a blog or a showcase for your company for example, should always prioritize the quality of what it contains above all else. This will be your top priority and is what will dramatically improve the user experience.

This includes not only the quality of the writing, but also a lively interface with a pleasant visual, an optimal display speed as well as a perfect mastery of the topics covered. It is essential to produce detailed and accurate content that will appeal to insiders and experts alike. You have to give maximum value to your product, your activity or more generally the subjects who will be inducted into it.

Regarding the page display speed, which is very important, a person on their phone (60% of visitors are on the phone on average) without wifi will be very happy to see your site displayed very quickly. This will allow you to keep that visitor. For this, your pages must be optimized. You can use tools that will scan your website and give you flaws that can really help you. For example, a site like will give you clues to correct your site and a second complementary free tool will allow you to have an almost optimal site.

An error that is often found and the lack of optimization of images, very large photos that are displayed in a very small size for example, there are tools on the internet that can allow you to optimize galleries in batch of whole images, you will undoubtedly save precious seconds in the display of pages. There is also a technique of loading images as you go down the page, lazyload, this prevents the user from downloading all the photos on the site at the same time. Downloading images and therefore smoothed out.

In short, the quality of your content should be the main aspect of your SEO tactic. Investing in exemplary quality can only be beneficial to you: better credibility with visitors, feeling of professionalism, mastery of your subject, optimal user experience that will make them want to come back which is a very good signal for Google , etc. The benefits are many and your SEO strategy will need to revolve around that. Remember to structure your articles well with Hn tags, we now know that Google does not take into account the order of the title tags at all, but on the other hand for the reader, it is much clearer that the article is good structure.

Internet users who visit your web page will be satisfied and will want to come back and you will have achieved your main and first objective: to offer added value to visitors and to distinguish you from the many sites that abound in your sphere of activity.

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