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The different functions of the connected watch

Trendy accessory adopted in its beginnings as a gadget, the connected watch has for some years integrated the daily life of technophiles. The connected watch has even become an essential communication tool in modern society. Indeed, thanks to its multiple functions, fans of connected objects, health-conscious athletes and professionals who want to remain accessible at all times have adopted it. But what are the different functions of the connected watch?

A technological gem

The smart watch is a logical complement to the smartphone, since this accessory turns out to be a good technology for remote communication. As an accessory worn on the wrist, it is also a jewel that can be worn at any time and in complete freedom. The connected watch, whatever the brand, allows you to track physical activities and sleep without any problem.

The various functions depending on the model

Each manufacturer works in such a way as to offer an optimum quality product to its users. Also, the features vary depending on the brand.

Features of a smartwatch for iPhone

The models of the manufacturer Apple are called the Apple Watch Series. The Apple Watch Series 4 are models equipped with both GPS and cellular technology. On the other hand, they combine design, quality and intuitive operation at the same time. An Apple connected watch turns out to be very powerful insofar as it allows access to all the functions of the phone without having to take the latter out of his pocket or bag. Apple Watch Series 4 comes in 2 sizes of 40 or 44mm. These smart watches are very resistant, but light, hence its wearing comfort. Easy to get started and to use, the Apple connected watch is quickly operational. The navigation of the Apple connected watch is fast and ultra responsive and is true to the reputation of other devices from the same manufacturer.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, handling Apple Watch is as pleasant as it is easy. In this case, access to his directory, sending and responding to an SMS or i Message can be done with one click. Present on Apple Watch, the Siri assistant is an option that optimizes the use of all functions easily.

Huawei Watch 2 features

Existing in classic and sport version, Huawei Watch 2 is a very functional connected watch. It is a real technological gem with a modern and refined design. At first glance, it looks like a traditional high-end watchmaking accessory. However, these models have a GPS which gives it total autonomy, and moreover, they can accommodate a SIM card.

Despite its classic watch appearance, Huawei Watch 2 turns out to be a real wrist smartphone, with a very high screen definition, intuitive and very fast navigation. Robust and very autonomous, the Huawei Watch 2 connected watch is a communication tool that is pleasant to use.

Garmin Vivo Active 4 features

Garmin Vivo Active 4 is a connected watch specially designed for sports enthusiasts. It has full functionality for those who practice physical activities. This model has a cardiac sensor as well as a step, distance and calorie counter. Stress manager and fitness age calculator help users to know their health status.

A Glonass and Galileo GPS integrate this connected watch for an opportunity to follow the route and record tracks on foot or by bike. Thanks to high technology, its screen is well lit with optimal image quality. It is very easy to use, and its main advantage is its unbreakable body.

Other common features of connected watches

Some connected watch models allow users to measure their sporting efforts, indoors or outdoors. The led screen allows you to have a quick overview of the evolution during the running sessions. They can even be real trackers who accompany them permanently for the preparation of a competition. Built-in sensors record sports performance data for better tracking. They help monitor weight and the number of calories burned, while controlling body fat and monitoring sleep.

Among the functions of a connected watch is the operating system. It should be noted that Bluetooth technology must be functional for the smartphone and the smart watch to be connected. This criterion is valid for the Android and iOS operating system. What matters is the compatibility of the smartwatch and the source device, for optimized synchronization. Some models allow you to make appointment managers, and to have access to the catalog of applications, while being able to control your playlist.


The connected watch, whatever the brand, has common basic functions. These are heart monitoring and the calculation of the number of steps taken during exercise. A more advanced model is used to receive notifications from the smartphone (SMS, call, email). The most complete models will be more intuitive, and thanks to a touch screen, users can reply to messages and emails directly from the smart watch. Technology and functionality are combined in this technological jewel to make everyday life easier for technophiles.

The design varies depending on the model, but the use remains the same, that of having access to the applications of the phone. The autonomy of the connected watch also determines the use, hence the need to take this aspect into account. The connected watch must be the perfect relay for the smartphone, with all the technologies and applications integrated into it, but in a smaller device, easier to wear and more discreet.

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