The deployment of fiber optics: a revolution for the in-store customer experience
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The deployment of fiber optics: a revolution for the in-store customer experience

Nowadays, customers are looking for seamless and personalized shopping experiences when they visit a physical store. To meet this growing demand, merchants have started investing in the deployment of fiber optic, a technology that offers many benefits in terms of improving the customer experience. In this article, we will explore how fiber optics can transform the in-store experience and provide customers with an optimal shopping experience.

A faster and more reliable Internet connection

One of the main advantages of fiber optics installed by a fiber business is that it allows a much faster and more reliable Internet connection than traditional technologies such as ADSL or cable. This means that customers can benefit from a free Wi-Fi connexion high quality when they visit a store equipped with fiber optics. A high-performance Wi-Fi connection is essential to allow customers to consult their smartphone to compare prices, read product reviews or even share their discoveries with their friends on social networks.

Impact on in-store sales

This increased accessibility to information directly influences customers' purchasing decisions. Indeed, a study conducted by Deloitte showed that nearly 50% of consumers use their smartphone in-store to research the products they are considering buying. Additionally, those who use their smartphone while shopping are 14% more likely to make a purchase than those who don't. Thus, offering a high-speed Wi-Fi connection using fiber optics can contribute to increase in-store sales.

Better inventory and order management

Optical fiber also allows merchants to benefit from better management of their stocks and their orders. Indeed, with a fast and reliable Internet connection, it becomes possible to set up storage and order management systems in real time. This means employees can quickly check product availability and potentially place an order if needed. This speed of access to information makes it possible to reduce checkout waiting times and improve the customer experience.

The integration of advanced technologies

In addition, a faster Internet connection thanks to fiber optics facilitates the integration of advanced technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality or even artificial intelligence. These innovations can be used to create personalized and immersive experiences for customers, such as virtually trying on clothes or eyewear, or receiving product recommendations based on their purchase history. Having these technologies in place helps create a unique and memorable shopping experience for customers, which can keep them coming back to the store in the future.

Better communication between merchants and their customers

Finally, the deployment of fiber optics also improves communication between merchants and their customers. Thanks to a fast and reliable Internet connection, it is possible to set up instant messaging solutions or chatbots to quickly respond to customer questions and requests. In addition, the optical fiber facilitates the sending of newsletters personalized and targeted, to keep customers informed of the latest store news, promotions and events.

The importance of customer reviews

In addition, the possibility offered by optical fiber to easily access customer opinions on the products or services offered can prove extremely beneficial for merchants. In fact, according to a study by BrightLocal, 88% of consumers place as much importance on online reviews as on personal recommendations. So being able to view and respond to customer feedback quickly with a strong internet connection can help merchants improve their online reputation and attract new customers.

In short, the deployment of optical fiber in physical stores has many advantages for improving the customer experience. With a fast and reliable internet connection, customers can benefit from a better in-store Wi-Fi experience, while merchants can optimize their internal processes and take advantage of the latest technological innovations. In addition, optical fiber facilitates communication between merchants and their customers, helping to strengthen their relationship and build customer loyalty. Investing in the deployment of optical fiber is therefore a wise choice for merchants who wish to offer their customers an unforgettable shopping experience.

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