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The advantages of the connected watch

Technophiles or not, it is important to know the advantages of connected watch. Indeed, a practical and discreet communication tool, it integrates the daily life of many people for better management of their business and their health at the same time. In this case, discover the advantages to better benefit from all the functionalities of this connected jewel.

The connected watch, more functional than a classic watch

More than a clothing accessory or a jewel, the connected watch worn on the wrist is not only used to tell the time. It also gives style, and above all it is more functional insofar as it is synchronized with a smartphone. In this context, it provides the time, calendar and alarm, but it can also be used like a real telephone.

Moreover, these first features turn out to be great assets that have earned it more popularity than the classic watch, especially in terms of sales. Indeed, with the basic functions of a classic watch, the smart watch makes the difference with access to common applications.

A practical travel companion

Thanks to the presence of a GPS, the connected watch becomes an essential ally of the traveler. For example, by opting for an Apple Watch Series 5 smartwatch, the user has access to the travel guide. As such, the connected watch emits vibrations on the user's wrist to indicate the lanes and routes to follow.

The vibration varies depending on the direction, left or right. In this case, the proven driver no longer needs to constantly consult the screen of his smartphone, but just listen to and follow the invisible guide on his wrist. As a result, it allows you to drive in complete serenity, to have your eyes riveted on the road, and to admire the landscape quietly during the trip.

The electronic detective

It is very common to lose a phone or keys. The connected watch becomes the ideal accomplice to find these easily lost objects. Especially since this loss turns out to be a frustrating experience, especially when it occurs on an important occasion or before a big date.

Now, with this connected jewel, there is no longer any question of facing this inconvenience. The “find a phone” feature is available on many smartwatch models. Thus, once synchronized with the phone, it is possible to ring the lost phone or other connected device at any time to find it. A few clicks are all it takes for the device to resurface.

A fitness tracking tool

Fitness tracking is an integral part of the initial setup of a smartwatch. Also, with this accessory, it is possible to closely monitor fitness goals, in order to achieve them in an optimized way. By using this smart gadget, it is no longer necessary to carry a fitness tracker or pedometer while exercising. All you need is a connected watch, and let's go!

The connected watch allows you to count everything, including the number of steps, the distance covered and the calories burned. In addition, it also measures heart rate, pulse, sleep duration. It is even possible for other more advanced models to calculate other important parameters. This is a physical activity tracker that offers options for tracking and managing your fitness.

Telephone functionality

A smartwatch on the wrist gives a modern style to the user, while allowing them to use it like a real phone. Indeed, with this discreet jewel, there is no longer any question of taking out the phone for each call or message. Receiving, answering, as well as sending calls and messages can be done even while traveling. This is particularly useful for busy users who cannot knowingly use their phone.

Voice support is available on some connected watch models and allows you to answer a call to communicate with all parties, wherever they are. Everything that can be done with the connected watch is done on a small scale compared to the phone. It should also be remembered that despite its performance, the connected watch cannot replace the telephone in the long term. Its use is for a short time, as long as it can avoid temporary discomfort.

Social networks at your fingertips at all times

The smart watch offers the user the opportunity to have their notifications on social networks in real time. Accessing your messages on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SnapChat or other social platforms is now possible at any time just by looking at your connected watch.

This is used to track activities, but also allows interactions with certain applications. To work well in this direction, the Bluetooth of the smartphone and that of the connected watch must be synchronized. Otherwise, standalone smartwatches are also available with an independent SIM card.

A permanent connection

By using a connected watch, the user benefits from a permanent connection. Thus, during walks, races, cycling, swimming or any other activity, the user has access to his messages, calls and notifications. However, he does not need to keep his phone in his hands.

The connected watch intervenes in terms of utility in all activities where a phone becomes annoying. Especially since most of these models are waterproof, and withstand external aggressions as well as bad weather. In the rain or in the pool, they remain active and usable.

More autonomous equipment

A connected watch represents the great advantage of having a more proven autonomy. Thanks to the powerful batteries they are equipped with, they can stay connected for up to 10 days with a full charge.

Have fun in complete discretion

The new technology that integrates the connected watch gives it access to all applications with a single click. It offers easy access for viewing a video or playing music on YouTube on the go. Some models even offer the possibility of storing playlists to be read on the Bluetooth headphones for completely remote listening.

And There you go ! Now that you are aware of all the benefits of the connected watch, you can easily choose whether to acquire one or not, and whether the equipment is suitable for your lifestyle or not.

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