Techniques to convert your site visitors into subscribers
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Techniques to convert your site visitors into subscribers

If you have a recent site, then it is already a big step to have visitors on it. If there is traffic on your online platform but your turnover remains stagnant, then your efforts so far will have been almost in vain. Try to turn every visitor to your site into a potential subscriber or customer. For this, there are techniques to apply. Focus on different techniques to achieve this.

Use the registration forms for contact details

Even when a visitor arrives at your website and does not make a purchase, they must leave contact details. Thus, even after he leaves your online platform, you can use them to relaunch him.

To collect the data of your potential future customer, you only have to use the technique of Registration Form. This is an insert containing the surname, first name and address fields that the visitor must fill.

Also, you should not imply to your website visitor that their information will be used for commercial purposes. This is why you must propose an action in exchange for data.

The latter may relate to registering for an event, downloading a book, subscribing to a newsletter or watching a video.

Integrate CTAs into your website content

To increase the conversion rate from visitor to subscriber, you can rely on call to action commonly referred to as CTAs. These are colored buttons displaying action verbs like buy now or add to cart to prompt the visitor to make a gesture.

Generally, site managers use CTAs to lead a potential customer to evolve in the buying process. As you are in the perspective of converting visitors into subscribers, you can use calls to action as a technique to collect the data of your visitors.

Here, your future client must find it necessary to communicate his information to you. For that, you have to provoke this feeling in him. For example, you can apply the technique to a blog excerpt where you will have to click on a CTA to get the rest.

Send automatic email

When the visitor navigates on your website, he may find himself faced with a needs specific. It can be knowing more about a product or service. His problem may also be related to the cost of your offers.

In any case, the future client should be able to have an answer to his concerns. That's why you need to have a system in place to assist him in case of difficulty.

Instead of opting for a solution like the chatbot, you could instead install an automatic email capture. It must be offered to the visitor with the pretext of wanting to offer him personalized support.

Thus, your prospect will communicate his data to you on his own initiative. Make sure you don't collect your visitor's information without their consent, as it would be against the GDPR requirements.

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